Struggle Stew

This is a very brief one, something I like to call Struggle Stew.
What’s the point of eating if the food doesn’t taste good? No point, I tell you.
This is a simple spicy 5 minute recipe. I haven’t tried it with rice, but its lovely with fried yam, roasted plantain (boli) or anything you don’t have to have stew with, but you feel like having stew with it anyway. Its not pretty, a little unattractive, but its really yummy, and totally appropriate for yam, plantain, and stuff.

So yes. Struggle Stew.

To make this YOU NEED-
A small pot
2 tablespoons of tomato puree
One quarter of a large onion
Cameroon Pepper
Curry, thyme.
Vegetable oil.

Its made the regular way you make stew, but I’m taking you guys through it anyway.

1. Make sure the pot is dry.
2. Put one cooking spoon of vegetable oil in the pot, and heat it till its fairly hot.
3. Add your chopped onions and let them fry for a bit. (this is struggle stew, you don’t have to bother about chopping em in small bits. The onions are going to be chunky and really obvious)
4. Reduce the heat, and add your tomato puree. Turn it, make sure it doesn’t burn. Let it fry for just a bit, this reduces the raw tang.
5. Add a little water and throw in your spices. As you like. The Cameroon pepper MAKES this stew sha. So make sure you put in enough of that.
6. Let the stew simmer, you could add water to make sure its as light or thick as you want.

Yes. You should be done in 7 minutes tops. It might be a little tangy, but that’s why its just on the side, an accompaniment.

Perfect for days you want a quick grub, and better still, its a one-pot thing. Sharp sharp, no preparation required! Try it sometime!


One thought on “Struggle Stew

  1. Greetings, It’s quick and healthy. I’d prefer making a batch of this, as opposed to drinking tomato juice from the can; and while this eating as a lifestyle journey it is the perfect addition. Peace!


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