Keeping you in the loop- Jill Scott :)

I love this curvy mama!

I love this curvy mama!

Hey guys!
I’ve been generally busy doing nothing / getting ready for the exams I have in a few days (not that serious, really, but in the spirit of fulfilling all righteousness…) please allow me to make yet another feeble excuse for not putting up anything. x_x

I read this Jill Scott interview yesterday, and I thought I’d share. I’ve admired Ms. Scott since I was a little girl because 1. She can sing! 2. She is a voluptuous beauty, 3. She seems like such a happy happy person, it’s like she glows, 4. I loved her on “The #1 Ladies Detective Agency” and of course (my most recent reason) 5. She’s #teamNatural.

If you’re a fan of hers, go see what she’s been up to recently, and of course, what she shared about her natural hair experience. If you’ve been under a rock for your entire existence and you don’t even know who she is, I advise you to get familiar 🙂

Please Click Here To Be Transported To The Interview 🙂

Going back to the books now.
See you soon,


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