What do you think about going out to eat alone? Have you tried it, or thought about it? Was it awkward or weird? Do you think it would be? Especially if you’re a female, some people may just presume that you’re waiting for someone. Even worse when it takes a century for your meal to arrive.

Are you perfectly comfortable in your own skin? You’re doing your own thing, and you believe the people giving you pitying glances are the ones that are sad, not you. You’re living your life, and they are very welcome to watch you live it.

I think it’s important that I’m comfortable doing anything, or going anywhere by myself. I’m not 100% there yet, but hopefully, soon. Some people think going to see a movie on your own is sad. This makes me wonder because I’m going to see the movie, not anyone, so why should my lack of a partner matter? I had to ask myself this question again, a few weeks ago, but not about a movie though.

I spotted Da Maria Italian Food & Delicatessen on my second day in Abuja, and I immediately made a mental note to check it out. Three months later, I finally got to go. I went to lunch there (a little late though. What’s the ‘brunch’ of lunch and supper?), with my friend D two weeks ago.

I got to the restaurant first, and my friend D met me there soon enough. If D hadn’t agreed to go with me, then I would have come alone, and I worried that it might be awkward. While I was there, I found myself thinking that it would not have been. I got there, and I was greeted by a friendly waiter-“Table for one?” I settled in, and I was actually the only other person in the room till D came. It was a pretty, well spaced, well lit place. I liked the simple decor and the soft Italian music. I felt like I was in a cosy, warm(I’m not talking about the room temperature), homely dining room. I loved the ambience, the food really kept me occupied, I really wouldn’t mind being there alone.

We didn’t have to wait long (say, ten minutes) before we were presented with our first courses, and the next course came just as we were finishing our firsts, and the third came before we were done with our seconds. The portions were generous, and we really couldn’t finish every single one.

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Up up we go

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & DelicatessenDa Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

My lovely friend D

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Carpaccio Carne- beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan cheese and lemon.

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Spaghetti Carbonara

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Filleto Merluzzo Con Patate (the Codfish dish)

yayy fish ( ._.)

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
The Deli

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
bye! 🙂

Yummmmmmmm. The food tasted as good as it looks. Don’t you think it looks good?

I didn’t really like my Codfish, but this was probably because I don’t like fish. Fish is a much healthier alternative to meat though, so slowly, I’m hoping that I could get myself to like fish.

Anything else you should know? Mmm I don’t have specific criteria for rating pricing yet (I’m going to be doing more restaurant reviews) but as a student, I say it’s pricey. If you’re taking someone on a date, or you just want to treat yourself, it’s a very nice place to go. If you want to cook anything Italian or you just want cheese or salami, you could pop by, go see what they have at the deli.

Have you been to Da Maria? How was your experience? What do you think about eating alone? You could let me know in the comments.

Till next time,



Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Plot 98 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.




  1. Yummm! I love eating out. I don’t think I’ll have an issue with eating alone, even though I’ve never had to. I should consciously do that some day. Oh and the decor looks lovely. I like a restaurant with attitude.


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    • Hi Bella! I can’t remember how much my dinner cost because I went in 2013. However, it definitely wasn’t too pricey. Since you want to have a dinner there I’d encourage you to stop by and have a look at their menu. See how many people could fit. And maybe even talk to them about reserving space for you or any special discounts or freebies if possible. Happy birthday in advance! x


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