Hey there. By reading this blog, you’re going through my hair diary- with the occasional post about something unrelated to hair, but matters to me anyway- so how do you feel, being privy to all this private info? Pretty special? Lol do you even care? Wait. You must care, why else would you be here? I kid, I kid. 🙂

I took my braids out last Monday, and got my trim! A proper trim, from someone that knows her stuff! Yes, now I can start afresh.

I’m going to be taking my hair really seriously now. It has been 14 months since I last used a relaxer, and six months since my big chop- so I don’t know what to call this, a re-chop? I feel like I’m now starting over.

When I did my BC in May, my mom was not in support of my decision. She said a mean thing or two the night before, but somehow, it strengthened or did not affect my resolve to go do it anyway. Now, she’s more accepting, and I’m very happy about this.


Some people are so averse to the system of Hair Typing, I wonder why. As a new naturalista trying to understand your hair, it would be helpful to know, have an idea about your hair type, so that you’d be less easily confused or perplexed. There are different hair types, and each type has its own characteristics. Some styles may be easier to do for a certain hair type, certain products may be especially good for a certain type and unnecessary for another. So when you read a blog or see a youtube video of someone doing something and it doesn’t turn out the same for you, you shouldn’t get so worked up. So when you’re looking for a hair video to watch, or trying to find a solution to a particular issue, it would help to look to people with the same hair type as you, in addition to searching generally. And yes, it is possible to have two, maybe three different hair types on your one head.

If you’d like to figure out what your hair type is, this guide from naturallyCurly could help. You could go to it here-

My hair is like the coiliest of coilies lol I think they call that Hair Type 4C. My hair is coarse, and dense, with a dry disposition.


I’m still in the TWA stage and I just got my trim, I can’t be worrying about length just yet. My hair is so coily, there’s a lot of shrinkage. My new bad habit is playing with my hair; I enjoy pulling it, stretching it, to see how long it’d be if it were straight. No bueno. So easy for me to look like a crazy person after only a few hours. x_x I’m working on this though.


My hair journey is all about me of course, but I find other people’s reactions to my hair interesting. Of the comments I’ve received over the past seven days, none have been negative. Half of them have been positive “Aww I like your hair!”, and the other half from people who wanted to know why I’d choose to stress myself this way, or why I just want this change. Some guy said he didn’t expect me to have a Nigerian name when he saw my “unique hair”. O_o Obviously, some people need to get out more. Haha. It’s all good!

It was a really hot sunny day, hence my squinting in the photo. Harmattan is here. I hate the heat, but Rainy season is only fun when you have nothing to do, and nowhere to go. This year, I think the rains have been more intense than they should be. Sigh, climate change.

New posts coming up in a bit, I’ll be back soon!



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