P.S. I revised my regimen in a later post. I don’t want to take this post down because this is my hair diary, so I’m chronicling my discoveries- hits and misses. Mistakes are welcome. The information about the products is alright, but the proper way to moisturise and seal is addressed in this post, here.

Getting to know you…

Should I give you a name? I’m big on names. I have always liked to name inanimate objects that mean a lot to me. You are not inanimate though. You’re a part of me, living, breathing, getting your own bit of the nutrients I ingest- hmmm this thinking hasn’t ever stopped people from naming their privates though. Okay, no name. You are a part of me, you are me. My hair. Mine.

I’ve kind of forgotten what June was like, we spent it together. You weren’t hidden under any weave or meshed in any braids or twists. Which is kind of why I’m writing this down now, cos I forget things, probably cos I never pay enough attention. I want to get to know you, so I have to pay attention to what you say. By saying I have to, I don’t mean that I’m doing this begrudgingly, no. You’re important to me; I want to pay attention, to figure out what makes you tick. Baby steps though, I’m trying to keep it simple- MOISTURISE, AND SEAL.


keeping it simple, my tiny stash.

You are so stubborn, gosh- just like me. Combing is a little discouraging, it is such a task! I haven’t got the hang of this yet. I get you your water in the mornings. I let you drink for fifteen minutes before I dry you just enough not to drip, and seal with coconut oil (though I always feel like I’m not putting enough, but I ignore this feeling anyway, lest I finish my bottle in a day) My coconut oil is fractionated, because the native coconut oil I had before was much too nutty for me, I could almost not stand it. As the third step, I’m very generous with the yummy Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. It is made of Pure shea butter, Aloe juice, Canola Oil, Sage, Rosemary, Kiwi, and Olive oil, amongst other things- yummmmm! It smells good too.

Then I comb and comb- first with my wide-toothed comb, and then with my metal-pronged afro comb.

I co-washed today, with the Suave Naturals Aloe & Water lily conditioner. The last time I co-washed was Sunday. I’m supposed to co-wash in the middle of the week, and have a proper wash day on Saturday or Sunday. I haven’t entirely worked out a wash day routine yet, but it should be a day of pampering. I’ll be deep conditioning with the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle & Rose Moisturising Conditioner, and I should try a hot oil treatment as well. I’ll keep you posted.

The Cantu product promises to stop and mend hair breakage, leave hair soft, shiny and manageable. It is also specially formulated for severely damaged, dry or coarse hair. You’re rather dry and coarse so I’m going to be patient and see how you like it over time. It does take a while to dissolve though. When I put it in, I have to wait like twenty minutes for it to disappear, for you to absorb it all.

So far, I haven’t once forgotten to cover you with my satin bonnet or scarf before I lay down to sleep. I’m on the lookout for a satin pillowcase.

I’m not sure if I’m doing one thing right though- the combing. I only attempt combing when you’re wet, and I try to comb from the ends to the roots, but every time I put a comb in, there’s a lot lost on the comb. I’m worried. I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to be, gatts ask people, and do my research.

I got my stuff (everything except the Suave conditioner and the Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream) from ‘the first natural hair store in Lagos’, the Kinky Apothecary. You could check them out 🙂

While I’m trying to figure this out, do you have any suggestions or advice on how to deal with this breakage? They’d be really really appreciated. 🙂 

Do you, or did you have a Teeny Weeny Afro? What products do you or did you use? What is or was your regimen? Do share!

Thank you for reading



6 thoughts on “DEAR BABY FRO-


  2. I am also glad I found your blog too. I just had my BC in March 2014. 7 months post relaxer. You wont believe that the first video I watched on how to comb my TWA was yours…So using your method to comb my TWA….I did not notice plenty of hair on my comb….just a few.

    For my regimen, I just wash with Dudu Osun African soap…I have the Bobeam shampoo bars, will try them out soon. I DC with Organics by Africa’s Best Deep Conditioner. I add honey and olive oil to the deep conditioner and leave it on for a long time. I rinse it off in the bathroom…while my hair is dripping wet, I massage my olive oil into my hair thoroughly and seal with raw shea butter. I let my hair air dry naturally.

    The few times I wore my hair out…..I used water and the Organics by Africa’s Best leave-in conditioner to comb my hair. I used olive oil too.

    I hope this helps.


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