Hello beautiful people!!

I’m home now. I’ve been in such a good mood since yesterday, and for the first time in a few years, I’m actually not feeling ‘meh’ about the season. It’s Christmas!!! And I’ve got plenty of cheer! 😀

In the last post, I mentioned threading. If I were to tell you that I was about to thread someone’s hair, would you automatically assume that the person is a child? Or some Scripture Union or Deeper Life woman (no offence intended, please) but I’m Nigerian and I’m sure many people associate threaded hair with children or the highly religious, dowdy not-of-the-world kind of woman. This is largely because of what we see in our society. Lately I have not seen any kids with threaded hair sef. Is it outdated? My memories of thread go back to me as a little girl. My sister and I were growing our hair back after a period of wearing our hair short, and threading was supposed to help us stretch our hair. Sounds painful abi? The idea that the thread was supposed to stretch our hair (definitely not in the same way as I intend to stretch now), pull it out is a rather interesting one lol. Well, I’m not going to get into the facts about threading in this post (I need to do my research) but I’m sharing the photos that made me start thinking about the style for the first time in more than 10 years. Even when my hair was threaded as a child, I doubt I ever gave it any thought. So let me say, for the first time in my life.

A photo of TV personality Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere was retweeted onto my timeline one Saturday morning like that. Babe’s hair was all neatly divided into threaded sections, and it actually looked good. I was like “mmmm okay Vixen” in my mind. A little unusual, but I liked it on her. I forgot about it until last month, when I saw some photos from her shoot with photographer Obi Somto, on Bella Naija. In the photos, Yvonne is Rashida, channeling Fela’s fire dancer queens. First time my consciousness was introduced to Fela’s queens was in the biography by Carlos Moore ‘Fela: This Bitch of A Life’ (good read, by the way). I found it interesting that they were (still are) called queens. Then I saw a Fela documentary like a year later and I fell in love with their beautiful traditional makeup, and their elegant goddess-y composure. Gorgeous African mamas giving demmm!

I will definitely talk about Fela’s Queens again, because I’m still very interested in them and there’s so much more I need to see and learn- but here, I give you Rashida! Photography- Obi Somto and Styling- Zebra Living. Source: bellanaija.




What do you think of the photos? Have they made you think about thinking about thread in a good way? For me, this isn’t childish, or dull or dowdy. It is nice. I can see her walking about for a few days after the shoot, still with her hair like this. I wonder if she did. Yes, this is a shoot she was styled for, but I do see thread working in real life.

Over to you. What do you think?


Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas!!



4 thoughts on “INSPIRED?- GIRL ON FIRE

  1. Threading is not a bad idea…though you have to be careful to watch out for the effects on your hair. Sometimes it leads to breakage of the fragile hairline hairs…too much pulling, I guess. But one needs a lot of confidence to carry threaded hair around oh…


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