I saw this Cantu Shea-butter for natural hair Creamy Hair Lotion at Casabella yesterday and decided to buy it. The Cantu Shea Butter leave-in Conditioner has been serving me well, but there’s no harm in trying a different moisturiser, right? It smells great, a little nicer than the leave-in, and I think the packaging is more handy.

It promises to:
i) condition curly, kinky and wavy hair
ii) Leave curls full of body and shine
iii) Detangle and soften hair

Okay now. We’ll see how this goes.


Dear naturals in Nigeria, Casabella is yet another place you could go for natural hair products, and your other beauty needs. I know they’re located at the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki and Ikeja City Mall (both in Lagos) and also in Apo, Abuja (I heard it’s really close to Shoprite, probably in the same building. I cannot confirm this until I go) They stock products from the Cantu line, Aphogee, Taaliah Wajid and Beautiful Textures amongst others.

My break is over. 😦 I’m back to school now, classes resume on Monday. Be safe and happy till next post!!

And oh yes, Happy New Year!! 😀


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