Hi, I’m Ekene and I want good hair.

I want you to have good hair. I want everyone to have good hair.

What is good hair anyway?

Good hair is healthy hair, whatever your hair type is, natural or relaxed. Healthy hair is happy hair, healthy hair is good looking hair.

It upsets me when I see broken damaged hair and their owners are either clueless or not the least bit concerned about it. I’m no pro (yet) but I see someone with bad hair and think “I’d like to sit with this girl and talk about her hair”. I see someone with great hair and I want to drool over it (sometimes) and talk with her about it too, regardless of her hair type. Yes. It is this serious to me.

Okay Ekene, why are we here?

I was texting with my friend a few days ago and she told me how she was having a hard time with her hair breaking all the time. It was a long conversation and I was a little puzzled that we were having it because we are both in the twa phase, same hair type sef and she reads my blog. I just felt that if she really read this post or that post, we wouldn’t have had that conversation and she wouldn’t be experiencing what she was experiencing. It made me wonder- what am I doing wrong? Am I not expressing myself properly? Are my posts too long? If anyone has any suggestions, anything they’d like to see or read about on the blog, please leave me a comment. If you feel like I haven’t made myself clear on any step or any point, you could just leave a comment. Better still, you could email me at If it’s something I’m not too sure about, I could do some research- it’s not too much trouble, I love reading about hair.

hey teamrelaxer!

This blog for the most part, is me chronicling my own hair journey. Though the focus of the blog is my kinky hair (As it’s the hair I’m experiencing on my journey), I’d like to say that if your hair is relaxed, I’m good for you too 🙂  All I’m trying to do is keep my hair healthy because when your hair is healthy and happy, it looks good no matter your hair type. Dabs at Naija Hair Can Grow has healthy, happy long relaxed (Nigerian) hair, you should visit her blog for some healthy hair inspiration with a focus on relaxed hair. I’m a kinky girl and I read her blog too! Oh and she sells some of the products she loves. Get on this guys. TeamGoodHair!

Here’s to healthy happy hair alright? Cheers!


3 thoughts on “HERE TO HELP :)

  1. “I see someone with bad hair and think “I’d like to sit with this girl and talk about her hair”” LOOOL Nna this is serious. #TeamGoodHairAllDayEverydayDoeee 😀


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