I almost went to Sokoto

“Going to Sokoto to look for what’s inside your sokoto”

How often does it happen to you that you stress yourself, go all out trying to get something and then you realise that it was kind of right there in front of you- SO within your reach? That’s what it means to go to Sokoto (a state up North in Nigeria) in search of what’s right there in your pants (sokoto in Yoruba)

I was home in Lagos for Christmas and I knew I was low on coconut oil but I just told myself I’d sort myself out somehow in Abuja. Not a great idea. I’m not saying that there’s one Natural Hair shop on every street in Lagos. There are a few shops I know I could turn to for stuff. More are welcome 🙂 but let me just say, it seems to me that Abuja has got even less. I emailed one store and they didn’t have coconut oil. I emailed an Abuja naturalista and she told me that Bibi’s Naturals stock their coconut oil and other products at Ritemed Pharmacy in Wuse 2, but I got there and they were out. I looked at the label on another product and only the name of the brand was on it. No number, no e-mail nothing. Sigh. That was a very frustrating day for me, and a waste of cab money. Coconut oil wasn’t the only thing I went in search of (in vain) that afternoon but on the bright side, I was able to get new satin bonnets at Barbie’s Supermarket, Gudu. (I was directed here by same Naturalista 🙂 )

That was a week ago.

Yesterday, I was at SPAR (Park and Shop) because my friends wanted to get batteries and a drink. I walked past one of the shelves in the food aisle and I spied with my four eyes, COCONUT OIL! Balanced on the shelf with olive oil and soya bean oil and other cooking oil. I was so excited because 1. I’m not usually very aware of my surroundings- my eyes go over a lot of things yet I was able to notice this though I wasn’t looking. 2. It smells goooood, like coconut candy (the Parachute brand). 3. A 175ml bottle costs 375 naira at SPAR which is great because if I were ordering from Lagos (like I was going to do), a 100ml bottle (of fractionated coconut oil) would be 1,500 naira (excluding the cost of delivery) So I got two bottles- 350ml for 750 naira. Score! 😀

Lesson learnt:

Before you start being frantic clicking on that blog or online shop, try looking in the food section at any store near you. You might just save yourself some time, stress and money. This isn’t to knock any of the kinky stores though. Brands on the shelf are probably cheaper because they’re produced on a larger scale, with time saving equipment- enjoying economies of scale- basic basic, sha translating to lower prices, as against a small business. You get my point?

P.S. Coconut oil isn’t great for just hair, it’s also useful in the kitchen, and as a nice light body moisturiser.


One thought on “I almost went to Sokoto

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