Hey guys, in this post I’m going to be sharing with you how I comb my kinky twa. 🙂

My hair is such a forest.

And I love it! :p

And I love it! :p

I’ve been asked a few times how I manage to groom my kinky hair. Does it hurt? Isn’t it painful? The answer to this is NO. It isn’t painful when you comb the right way.

Yes sistas, there is a right way to comb natural hair. The wrong way brings you pain and way more breakage. Breakage is bad, real bad, especially if long hair is one of your goals- like yours truly.

You cannot comb your kinky hair the same way you would if it were relaxed. I mean you can, but you shouldn’t. Don’t! It does not look the same. It does not feel the same. While relaxed hair is straight and the strands are easily separated, Natural hair is not straight. It’s all curly and twisty- some people’s strands are more tightly curled or coiled than others. Yes, like little springs or squiggles. Springs that get intertwined with each other, squiggly strands that love to stick together.

So, the right way to comb natural hair is really simple:

  1. NEVER comb natural hair dry! Not combing dry doesn’t mean it should be soaked o. A little bit of the science is explained in this quote below from BGLH. If your hair is as kinky as mine, I think you’d be happier not combing dry. My hair is about 4,5 inches long.
    Comb wet or comb dry?

    Breakage is likely to happen whether hair is combed wet or dry and the method you choose is really a question of preference and ease. Breakage during wet combing is because although hair is very flexible, its strength and ability to resist the force applied from combing is at its lowest. Conversely, when hair is dry, it is at its strongest but it lacks flexibility and therefore is likely to snap. The ideal condition for combing would therefore be when hair is mostly dry (about 80%) so that it is strong and pliable.  However, no matter what your preference, consider using some hair conditioner to increase slip and help reduce damage.

    Spritz some water on it, put in some moisturising cream or lotion, conditioner is your best friend! When you are shampooing on washday, comb with some conditioner to do your detangling before you shampoo.

  2. Wide toothed combs only! Here, this is what I mean by a wide-toothed comb.


    Anything smaller than this is not meant for your curls!

  3. ENDS TO ROOTS IS THE MOTION, NOT ROOTS TO ENDS. Say it again “Ends to roots, not roots to ends”. With relaxed hair, you could freely run your comb through from front to back, that is, roots to ends. (Your roots are just above your scalp, where your hair starts to grow- and your ends are yes, where it ends) Natural hair isn’t the same. If you start combing from the roots, you’re going to meet some resistance. You can’t just move up freely, because of all the curls and kinks. That’s when it hurts. That’s when you put pressure on your hair and make it want to break.

So instead, you start from the ends. Comb the ends, and like that, gently move lower and lower till you get to the roots. You’re detangling and moving down step by step. By the time you’re done, go in the opposite direction and you’ll see you’ll have no problems. This is just to show you how it works. You don’t need to do that, but you can if you want- after the first combing the right way.

        4. OF COURSE, COMB GENTLY. You might not always have the patience or the time but as much as possible, try to wake up early  enough so that you have enough time to comb. It takes me about twenty minutes in the morning for me to spritz, moisturise, seal and comb. The combing takes me about 13 minutes, but it could be less for you. I tend to over-do.

I made a video of me combing for a little bit, just in case anyone doesn’t really get it yet. It’s my very first video (took me four attempts) and I was SO not the best I could be, but please forgive me, I’ll do much better videos in the future. Shoutout to my very own Clara Peters, my videographer, Iby!! And DJ Dilys for my previous attempts!



*the background music in the video: White Nights- Oh Land, Pizza & Burger- Sarkodie x Jayso, Disparate Youth- Santigold.



  1. Hi, Ekene/Sheneneh! Lol! Martin is hilarious.. Went through your entire blog! I recently just big-chopped, got my kinky braids in immediately after though so i really haven’t gotten a chance to rock it or get used to my short hair… Your blog is tres helpful and you stay in Abuja too, so yay!


  2. I love your blog!
    I’m always telling people that you can’t comb natural hair dry! This week I went to a new hairdresser that actually took it one step further and told me I should NEVER comb my hair! Instead I should run my fingers through it to detangle it. I’ve tried it once but let’s see if it continues to work ;p


  3. this tips are very good,but can i go without combing my hair at least for 3 days?am really worried because my hair is falling too much. and i have been using BLACK ATTITUDE hair food for it but it does’nt work. have a great day.from innocentia in south africa.


    • hey innocentia
      thank you for stopping by! so sorry I’m only just seeing your comment.
      I have to ask- how long is your hair? You can go without combing for three days, if you’re okay with the way it looks of course. BUT depending on your hair, if you go without combing for too long, it can start loc’ing or matt’ing itself.
      Your hair might be breaking when you comb because of the tension from combing OR because it isn’t well moisturised.
      Rather than use a comb, you could try finger combing instead. Just comb through with your fingers. I’ve tried it and it works, it might just be the thing for you. There are quite a number of people who can testify to the goodness of finger combing for their hair.
      I haven’t tried the Black Attitude hair food before, but it’s really important that your hair is healthy and well moisturised. Is the Hair Food a moisturiser or a weekly treatment? Make sure to moisturise (with water or a water-based leave in) and seal with oil. As you try putting less pressure, make sure your hair is otherwise healthy- so you could easily identify the problem.
      Hope this helps? 🙂

      You could send me a message:


  4. Thank you kinky kenzo. this post has been really helpful. Just recently had my big chop as you already know and i actually have been roots to end combing. i think i know better now. thank you. 🙂


  5. I was feeling a bit frustrated with my hair so I just decided to google ” I can’t comb my hair ” lol and I got this…which is exactly what I needed. i’m 16 and i’m still learning how to manage my hair so thank you so much, I felt waaay better after reading this and doing what you’ve said. Thank you 🙂 x


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  7. Thanks for showing us your TWA, right now mine is more like MWA (micro weeny afro)… I’m just starting. I’m a male oh. Thanks for the video too (but there was no eye-contact between us though, like you were avoiding looking at the camera). I like the bottled water spray and your voice came through very clearly. Thanks for the tutorial 😉


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