Hey guys. This week, I’ll be taking you through the second topic in the Hair Basics series we started last week.

The Hair Basics series is a bunch of posts trying to break down the basics of hair science. By the end of this series, I’d love for you to be aware of and knowledgeable about the features of this army of tiny threads that reside on your head! When you know better, you do better and knowing better about your hair will definitely affect the way you care for it. All aboard the journey to good hair, say aye?

I don’t know how you guys felt about the last post on Hair Structure but I’ve read it again and I don’t feel like I really connected. I think I was being too formal (sigh, really it’s just the way I am) but I pledge to be less formal from this moment forward. I might even rewrite the post- but yes guys. I really want us to be on the same page. Questions, suggestions are very welcome!

This particular topic/feature is one that has always popped up since I started reading about natural hair. You’ve probably seen it or heard someone talk about it. This week, we are getting into the matter of Hair Typing.

I have a really long post here (how did I let this happen?) so I’ve broken it up. On Wednesday and Friday, at noon, the other two parts will be published as well. You could subscribe to the blog via email or follow me on bloglovin just to be sure you don’t miss it!

CurlyChronicles and FusionOfCultures were the first two naturalistas and vloggers I discovered when I was transitioning and they first opened my eyes to the versatility of natural hair. It was so amazing to see all the different styles and I was so excited. I think I got my first relaxer when I was 5. I relaxed every six weeks or so until I went to secondary school. For my six years at secondary school, I wore my hair reeaaaaallly short (got mighty low cuts after six weeks at half-term) and I fried my hair over the holidays. Then I grew it out after graduation and continued relaxing for the first three years of uni and part of the fourth. I had forgotten what my own curls looked like. I loved their youtube videos and somewhere in the back of my mind, I was hoping my hair journey would lead me to hair like theirs.

That was a while ago. Since then, I have seen so much more, read so much more and at some point it became clear to me that my hair was different and eventually, I accepted that different was GOOD, just in time for my big chop.


A. Their hair is more curly than kinky, but mine is more kinky than curly.

Q. O_o

A. Okay, stay with me now. You’ll understand this when we are done dissecting this matter of Hair Typing. Be back here, same time Wednesday! x

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