How’s the going going?

We are two weeks into the Hair Basics series and I hope that this isn’t too boring so far and has been helpful to at least one person. If you missed (any of) it, you can catch up here and next week, we’ll be learning some more till the end of the month.

The Hair Basics series is something I’d been wanting to do here so I’m happy it’s finally underway.  After four weeks of the same regimen, I felt like nothing new was going to happen with my hair for a while, so I decided to stop thinking about it and actually do the posts about the fundamentals. It was also at this point that my hair decided to show me a little something.

This week and the last were a little something sha. My hair was acting up, it was so annoying. Like a crying baby! You know when a baby is crying and cannot be calmed down. Try to get him to sleep and he screams louder. Is food the problem? Screaming. Does he want me to carry him standing? Throw him in the air? And in those moments, you just know life would be so much easier if the child could just speak to you, and communicate what he wants!

My hair was just not cooperating. It wasn’t absorbing my moisturiser (Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Creamy Hair Lotion) like it used to and combing was such a task! It took a lot more tension to comb and I probably lost more hair than usual. It was also kind of dull looking.

Then I noticed that when I spritzed my hair with water, my hair looked dirty. This was new and didn’t happen with this lotion until like 6 days after my last wash- as I said in this post. The dirt was really disturbing.

Co-washing didn’t make any difference. So one night, I shampooed and conditioned, and didn’t put in any moisturiser. I only sealed with coconut oil. Imagine my horror the next morning when I put water on my hair and it looked like this!

( ._.)

( ._.)

Sigh. I was frantic- reading, reading and consulting with NatMane of DeepBrownKinks . I wondered if I was experiencing Product build-up. My hair was dull-looking, difficult to moisturise and comb- three of the signs of product build up- but there was one sign I read everywhere- flaking and I wasn’t experiencing any flaking. Okay. Was it the weather? Harmattan hadn’t made up its mind whether it was leaving yet and the hot hot dry season was coming in anyway.

So after a few emails back and forth with NatMane, I decided to do as she said- she suggested that I was probably using too much moisturiser, and she also said that it’s possible for your hair to like one product in one season and hate it in another.

So I shampooed again- this time with Dudu Osun- and conditioned and cut down the amount of moisturiser I was putting in. I did this and the next morning, I still had clean hair. Yayy!

Note to self: I should probably use Dudu Osun from now on instead of my Clay bar.

Observation: I also noticed that my hair combs better when moisturiser has been in it for a few minutes, not right after. So I started putting in my moisturiser as soon as I woke up, and doing the combing after my bath.

The battle was not over though. My hair is naturally really really really dry, so I am really crazy about the Hair lotion because it made my hair so soft. Applying less lotion didn’t make my hair soft. It was in fact really dry. But clean hair trumps soft hair so… I had to suck it.

I knew I wanted to get kinky twists done, and before you do any protective style, it’s important that your hair is in really good shape. Clean, healthy and moisturised.

So yesterday morning, I tried one of the DCs I came upon on Deep Brown Kinks. It’s a really simple one- Mix your conditioner with olive oil and apply to your hair and let sit there for a while. I let it sit for about forty minutes and then washed out. My hair didn’t feel as dry as it usually does when I co-wash. Hmmmm maybe I could do this every time I wash.

Then I put in my moisturiser and sealed with coconut oil. I didn’t have enough time to air dry anyway, so I had my hair blow dried shortly after.

Look how well my hair is doinggggggg  ^_^



It’s growing! This is something I notice when I pull my hair but I had not blown it out since October so it made me really happy to see it this tall! I love working hard at something, for something, when I’m getting feedback and seeing results. So far, so good. My hair journey is rewarding! ^___^

I’m wearing kinky twists now, giving the little nice baby fro a break from the daily manipulation. Hair Basics continues on Tuesday.

Be good, loves.


Note to self: I have to get my moisture right. I really can’t be depending on products for this.



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