New On The Blog- WHERE TO FIND

One of the challenges of being natural (or hair conscious) in Nigeria is finding products. Whether you’re a product junkie or a less is more naturalista, this is something that we can all agree on.

More Nigerian women are going natural but the wave isn’t quite here yet. It’s a process really, so don’t be mad. Even in the US where the most products can be found, it hasn’t always been like that. There has never been as much information about and resources for natural hair care as there is today and this is only going to continue to grow.

As we wait for the growth curve to really spike in our corner, I have an idea. In line with my new habit of trying to be a doer not just a sayer, I’ve already taken a few baby steps to get this idea out. We now have a ‘WHERE TO FIND’ page on the blog! 😀 The page is going to be like a directory for finding natural hair products in Nigeria. I’ve mentioned one or two stores since I started the blog but it makes more sense to have a one-stop page with all the information together- every single store I know of or I’ve heard of is in it and as I discover more, the page will be updated.

One wonderful thing about the natural hair community is how open everyone is with information so let’s help each other, let’s share. If you know any natural hair friendly store, please share in the comments under this post or under the page, stating the name of the vendor, contact info and a brief description of what they stock.

Another thing-
It’s so great that we have these stores. They are revolutionaries in their way, providing these products that we want or need, making it possible for us to enjoy the journey a little (or a lot) more. This is very encouraging indeed. However, the Nigerian market for these things isn’t so big and everyone’s hustling, trying to run profitable businesses so the prices (like almost everything else in this country) can be a little or a lot extra. I saw an $11 product in one store being offered for 6,400. $11 is not even up to 2000 naira. So on each bottle, they’re getting more than 4,400 profit? Haha. Swerve.

Maybe they made a mistake ( ._.) Maybe they mean it. What I’m trying to say is this- Your hands aren’t tied. Options do exist. The directory is just the start of what I hope will be a comprehensive record of Natural Hair (Friendly) stores in Nigeria, what they offer and how to reach them.

I cannot do this alone. It would be amazing if you helped. If you know any stores or vendors, if you’re a vendor yourself- please get at me to be included in the directory.

Thank you


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