Natural Hair Lingo: Length-speak!


Hey guys!

In this post I bring to you some Natural Hair Lingo on the topic of length. It is common in Natural Hair forums for naturalistas to describe the length of their hair (stretched out) with different abbreviations, These abbreviations are really just based on body parts, describing hair length by the body parts the hair can reach.

APL – Arm Pit Length.

BSL – Bra Strap Length.

BSB– Below Shoulder Blade length.

CBL – Collar Bone Length.

CLH Classic Length Hair. This is when your hair reaches the point where your thighs and your butt meet.

EL – Ear Length, that is, your hair reaches the bottom of your ear lobe.

HL – Hip Length.

MBL If your hair can go past your bra strap, it is Middle Back Length. 

NLNeck Length.

WL or WSLWaist length.


My hair is currently able to reach the end of my neck, so NL? A few centimetres away from CBL. I’d love it to be KL (yep, Knee Length, duh!) in a year. >_> Overly ambitious? LOL shhhh.


So let’s have a little fun with this. How long is your hair, and how long do you want it to be in a year?


P.S. Something new on the blog on Friday, it rhymes with inspiration! 😉


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