R for Rejection: Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion Update.

It was all good four months ago 😦

In January, I gushed to you guys about the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and how soft and nice it made my hair feel. Truly. The Creamy Hair Lotion showed me how soft hair is supposed to feel. Before then, I had not really known. And I did not know that I didn’t know. You can read my first review here.

We are in the month of May and I think it’s safe to say that the lotion has really signed out of this relationship. First everything was wonderful, my hair was mooshy soft- then I had the scary build-up episode- and now, it just won’t moisturise my kinks like it used to. Which is weird because I’m not doing or using anything new and the weather isn’t drastically different.

After I took down my kinky twists on Friday, I was generous with the Sweet Almond Oil- put it in my hair, and left it there for over 8 hours. I shampooed (my hair felt really icky and apart from the time I did a protein deep condition with Mayonnaise, I really hadn’t shampooed with shampoo in an actual bottle since my Big Chop.). Thanks to the pre-pooing, my hair was not feeling stripped at all after I shampooed. I mixed some oil with conditioner (Aubrey Organics Moisturising Conditioner + Suave Naturals), put it on my damp hair and baggied overnight. I co-washed Saturday morning and put the Creamy Hair Lotion in and sealed, business as usual. A few hours later, my hair was crispy. Day 2, same thing.

Now that I think about it, things weren’t as perfect after the first few weeks. I thought I’d reached my last bus stop oh, but what can I say? My hair got bored?

I’ve put what’s left of my Creamy Hair Lotion aside for now. It could be useful to me one day. In its stead, I picked up a product I used for a bit and just stopped using for no reason that I can remember- Kids Organics Detangling Moisturising Lotion (from the Africa’s Best haircare line) and I realllly wouldn’t mind if this is my last bus stop.

I wish I could be a water and shea butter girl but I’m not. Maybe later but not now. It’s just not enough for this twa. My hair gets crispy real quick. The Kids Organics lotion- I’m going to just call it the Detangler, is easily available. I’ve seen it on quite a few shelves and it cost me 1,000 naira a bottle (though I know it should be less) but that’s better than paying 1,300 extra for the Creamy Hair Lotion so I’m reallllly hoping that it works!

Be back tomorrow for a  little something that rhymes with inspiration!




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