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 Thank God It’s Friday!

Thursday is supposed to be my favourite day of the week but Friday has been looking pretty good to me lately. Yes, I’ve come to  that point in my life where I actually truly appreciate the weekend, happy to escape the pressure of life on weekdays! 

One more reason to love Fridays: On Fridays, we’ll be dishing real life hairspiration on the blog. Look forward to everyday naturalistas sharing their hair journeys on Feature Fridays. Want to share your hair journey? Leave me a message, I’ll be happy to shine your light!


Today we’re serving…….. Tolu! 🙂

Hi, I’m Toluwanimi. I’m currently in my 5th year in dental school. I live in Ibadan, Nigeria and I’m from Ogun state also in Nigeria.

When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I decided to go natural in May 2011. I got my last relaxer treatment 1st week in May. I transitioned for about 10 months and did my big chop 27th March 2012.

Freshly chopped! Right after my Big Chop.

Freshly chopped! Right after my Big Chop. 😀

Tell us about your hair. 

My hair is some serious low porosity, high density hair. I’ve got thick strands and at the moment, my hair is about 6 and a half inches long. My curl pattern is really kinky, mostly 4C but I have a tuft of 4A at the back of my head extending to the nape of my neck.

How do you take care of your hair?

I don’t have any do’s or don’ts with my hair yet. I’m still experimenting with stuff for now.

I try not to use too many products though. My staple products are Kids Organics Detangling Moisturising Lotion, Olive oil, Organic’s Replenishing Conditioner, Rite-on leave-in conditioner.

Daily regimen- I spritz with a mixture of water, glycerine, olive oil and Rite on leave-in conditioner and leave it to absorb for about 15 mins then I  moisturise with the Kid’s Organics detangling moisturiser before sealing and then I comb with a wide toothed comb.My hair loves the mixture I spritz on it so I use it like twice a day, helps keep it moisturised. I co-wash every Tuesday or Wednesday.

Weekly- I co-wash with a VO5 conditioner, sometimes I wash with Dudu osun black soap. Then I deep condition with the Organic’s Replenishing Conditioner.

How do you wear your hair?

I wear my hair as an afro because it’s really convenient for now. Tried a twist-out once and my mum made me promise that I’d never try it again. (it actually looked a bit rough when she saw it in the afternoon) For protective styling, I fix weaves, kinky twists and do braids. I love kinky twists because they’re easy to manage.

The attempted twist-out

The attempted twist-out

What inspired you to go natural?

My decision to go natural was well thought about. I’d been having so much trouble with my hair; it was hard texture wise, not retaining length and it wasn’t relaxing well. I started researching about healthy hair and I I felt starting over would be the best way. A friend of mine, Timehin had just gone natural, and another friend was already long natural so that encouraged me. 

Yes, it’s YOUR hair but how did or do “they” feel about it? 

My mom HATES my hair. Lol. None of my family members like it because they all have long luscious relaxed hair and I’m the odd one with my natural afro. Random people stop me on the road, in shops and tell me “oh, I love your hair”. Some of my lecturers too say they like my hair while some are still upset with me because I started wearing a ‘fro. I really don’t care what anyone says as long as I’m comfortable in my skin.

Have you received any negative comments about your hair? How did you deal?

Nothing significant. Well except my mom’s constant complaints. *shrugs* I don’t currr!

11 months. Just took out my weave so it was straight. sort of

11 months. Just took out my weave so it was straight. sort of

What is your hair to you?

My hair helps me stay grounded, I can switch looks and just enjoy being who I am on the inside and not my facial appearance.

What do you love the most about being natural?

My curls!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you experienced any difficulty being natural in Nigeria?

Getting products here in Ibadan is a huge problem and even the ones here are not so consistent so I have to switch products often.

Have you learnt anything new? Has your hair changed you?

It has taught me to love me for me and not for my face.

At present, what are your challenges? Is there anything you’re struggling with at the moment?

Shrinkage is a huge problem and my scalp flakes sometimes. A couple of days ago, I noticed some mid-shaft splits.

Any hair goals? 

No goals yet. I’m just enjoying the ride, might end up relaxing my hair at some point because I miss having straight hair that didn’t need so much time to style (Ironic right? Can’t I just be able to switch between straight hair and kinky hair 😦 )

Any last words to the person thinking about going natural or the new natural?

Enjoy the ride, and I hope you’re not going natural coz you think it’s the new fad…lol.

Any last words?

Enjoy your hair whether it’s natural or relaxed, all that matters is that you have healthy hair. Having natural hair doesn’t give an edge over the person with relaxed hair.

Do you write a blog or have a twitter or instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?

Tweet at me: @nimibamiro


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