New On The Blog: Hairspiration!

Solange XOYO London

Natural Hair is not for everybody.

Of all the things I’ve heard and read about Natural hair, that is the one that irks me the most. What does it even mean?

People want to know WHY. Why did you go natural?

People want to know HOW. Isn’t it difficult? How do you manage?

I’m #teamGoodHair and I believe everyone should just focus on keeping their hair healthy- natural or relaxed. BUT though there are more important things to worry about like World Peace and tackling Boko Haram, the fact remains that Natural hair remains a bit of an issue.  I really wish less people would ask WHY, and more people would ask HOW.

I thought about going natural for two years before I finally decided to stop talking about it and transition already. I had Hairspiration folders on my phone and my computer during this time- I youtubed a lot too. I didn’t know anyone with natural hair and seeing all these people I didn’t know rock their curls and kinks gave me life. I didn’t think I was going to make it but I made it to the Big Chop. I faltered when I started at Law School (a couple of weeks later) and not so soon after, I quickly hid my hair away. I wasn’t really there yet. Then I went to school one day and I noticed this beautiful girl with a high bun, kinky hair as coily as mine. Seeing her wear her hair out, seeing it look so healthy and beautiful, reading about other people’s hair journeys gave me a little push, a little more courage to do the same.

This Friday and on as many Fridays as possible, we’ll be dishing real life Hairspiration on the blog. Look forward to different Naturalistas sharing their hair journeys and hair stories- not managing, but thriving. You’ll learn a thing or two and I hope, you’ll be inspired.

Tolu will be sharing her journey so far in a bit 🙂


If you’d like to share your hair journey on Hairspiration, email:



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