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Heyyy! It’s Friday! And you know what this means- our new tradition of sharing hair journeys and hair stories, dishing natural hair inspiration on Fridays continues today. Baby doctor Tolu shared her journey with us last week. If you missed it,  go see it here.


This Friday, the lovely Anu is our natural hair inspiration!

Hi, my name is Anu. I’m currently sitting the Nigerian Bar. I live in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.  I’m originally from Lagos state, Nigeria.

When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I went natural on the day I turned 19 years old! I really just thought it was functional, as my relaxed hair was incredibly unhealthy and I was not desirous of keeping strands of ‘hair’ any longer. O my goodness, it was the big, massive CHOP! My sister (who has breathtaking natural tresses by the way) took a scissors and cut it all off! I felt fantastic. My mum remonstrated but there was no turning back. Now, she advertises my hair!

Tell us about your hair

I really am the least scientific about my hair. I know that my hair shrinks a great deal, perhaps 100% shrinkage. I’d classify it as 4C hair. It’s very coarse but resilient. It’s quite thick. As for length, it has a mind of it’s own. My front hair goes past my chin and the back just sits on my shoulder. The middle is longer, I guess.


How do you take care of your hair?

I take care of my hair by deep conditioning. I’ve learnt that my hair responds to a good old, deep condition. My regular is Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask. I mix this with mustard oil, honey and sometimes coconut milk. I do this after I have shampooed with any sulphate and paraben free shampoo.

My daily routine really depends. I love to exercise so I have to ensure that I spritz my hair post workout. I make my own spritz with purified water, leave in conditioner, and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes I prefer spritzing with just water and using Shea butter to seal in that moisture. I really just listen to what my hair needs. I wash every 2 weeks, which is nearly not enough. I love anything Nexxus and Shea moisture!

How do you wear your hair?

I must be the most mundane when it comes to my hair. Goodness. I have had 2 hairstyles for many years now. I do a bun (updo) or I mat the back and twist the front. Sometimes I French braid.IMG-20130513-WA000

big bun

big bun


How has your journey been?

My natural hair journey has been interesting. In the beginning, there was really no journey as I NEVER wore my hair. I was in and out of fixing artificial ‘hair’ on my head. I didn’t appreciate it, neither did I understand the beauty in it. It existed on my head but it didn’t live; I forestalled its personality!

Have you received any negative comments about your hair? How did/do you deal?

Heck yes I’ve had negative comments. Look, when I visited home (Lagos) for an extended period in 2009, I had the most astounding and confounding comments from random persons who proffered unsolicited opinions. I had gone to the dressmaker and a lady said “your hair is ‘due’”. My response was “Aunty, it will be due until I die”. Family members told me my hair was “horrible, ugly, bad, unfortunate”—all to my face. To some I dished it out in small doses, and there were some opinions that just didn’t count to me—to which I offered no response. Another negative remark that gets me irked is the “when will you MAKE your hair”? There is a notion that a Black woman’s real hair isn’t good enough for the professional environment and her wedding. I won’t say any more than this because I can go on and on.


What is your hair to you?

My hair to me is an expression of who God made me. My hair is a reminder that I am not anyone else, but I am Anu, and there’s only one Anu Hundeyin—so why should she alter herself? My hair is sometimes political. My hair is sometimes annoying. I love being natural because it simply is mine. And it’s mine in an authentic, unadulterated way. Some say it is a statement, and if it is one then I dare to make a statement! Oh yes! However, it’s not a fight against artificial hair. As they say, it’s not what’s ON your head that makes the difference, it’s what’s IN your head that matters!

At present, what are your challenges? 

I struggle with tangling! Oh the single strand knots. I also struggle with split ends, though I trimmed my hair a few months ago. It gets dry but I spritz it. I do my best.

Last words to people who want to be natural:

Do it. Take the plunge. Get completely and totally comfortable in your own skin. It’s your own hair and image and nobody else’s. and you are beautiful.

Do you write a blog or have a twitter or instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?

I do have a blog but I can’t reveal it now! Tsk tsk. You can follow me on twitter @anuseide.

Thanks for having me!


Are you inspired? Do you want to inspire someone else? Email:

Till next time


4 thoughts on “Hairspiration! : Anu

  1. OMG! Anu, I love your hair! Like I stumbled on your twitter some days ago and the pictures of your hair really inspired me. It’s really beautiful.


  2. I agree! Natural is the way to go! (Though the other night I had a hankering to wear a wig but I didn’t cause I don’t know where they are, ha ha!) Embrace your natural hair!


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