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Just got home from a not so long, not really work but work day. I’m doing something called an externship- which is really basically like an internship- I don’t know why this word was chosen but anyway, yes. That’s what I just got back from and I hope you’re having a much better, less tiring day than I am. This Lagos can be really frustrating sometimes.

Aaaanyway. I’m not here today because of Lagos.

Have you read or are you reading Americanah? If you just said No, I suggest you get on it asap. This post is coming a little late (I finished the book two weeks ago) but I’m here now.

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Americanah is the third novel from Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie, whose name you should know, if you don’t already know by now. Google 🙂 I’m not going to review the book (I’m only a layman. You can read this one on NPR, here), I’m not going to start talking about it (I don’t want to spoil it for you) I’m just going to recommend it to you guys. It’s a really good book- and if you haven’t read anything by Chimamanda, now is the time to leave that heavy LAST you’re carrying on your back behind. If you’re one of those people who “don’t read”, please- pick up this book, any of her books- and it may just be the reason you start reading or start reading again. Her writing is so frank. Simple, direct, and funny. Really, she will make you laugh. Maybe when you’re done, you could get back to me and we’ll have a conversation.

If you think you aren’t into African writers, please- don’t say that out loud. Get your Americanah soon, get familiar. African writers are where it’s at, inugo?

Did I mention she’s a naturalista as well? A few weeks ago, her book tour made a stop at the Glendora bookshop, Ikeja City Mall. It was really nice- listening to her read an excerpt, and then field questions from the audience. I’m a really big fan of hers (if you hadn’t already noticed lol)- it’s really difficult not to be in awe of someone so beautiful and intelligent. DSC06038

I don’t know what to call her hairstyle- it was a really simple cute low-manipulation style, and I tried to take photos of it from where I was standing. DSC06039

The central themes in this book are love, race, immigration and identity- but just as prevalent in the book is HAIR. Yesssssssss! Chimamanda weighs in on the Hair conversation in this book. As part of the changes and epiphanies in the Protagonist, Ifemelu’s life, she goes on a hair journey- which Chimamanda admits is similar to her own journey. I did promise not to say anything about it so I won’t. She also said that Ifemelu would be blogging about natural hair from her official site– so watch out for that.

The movie for her second novel ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ will be out this year. It’s not being told from the same angle as the book- but if you loved the book, do not despair, she has seen the film and she says it’s a pretty good one. ^.^

I didn’t make any videos, but you could watch this clip from an interview here:

One last thing. If you’re an aspiring writer, here’s what she had to say: Read what you like, read what you don’t like. Make sure you know why, and make sure you write like neither.





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5 thoughts on “AB Loves- Chimamanda

  1. Americanah was a beautiful read. I was at the book reading at Glendora Bookshop, it was a wonderful experience for me.
    I decided to go natural because of the book, I really hope I keep up.


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