Hairspiration! : Oyinkansola

Guess who’s back? Yes, as promised- today is another Friday, and today we’ve got another hair story to inspire you ^_^


Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I am Oyinkansola A. I am from Nigeria, studying law at the University of Sheffield.

When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I decided to go natural last year summerrrrr lol ….uumm around June 2012. The last time I had relaxer in my hair was April so I guess my hair is a year old. I say “I GUESS” because I did the “BIG CHOP” in June…..So by June 2013 I will be sure my hair is a year old. Soooo umm one day I took out my weave and I realized the middle part of my hair was chopped, there was hair there but it was shorter than the front and the back. And I googled the solution to my problem and I read a blog (I don’t recall where) explaining how having your hair natural makes it grow faster. After reading that and watching some videos I decided to go natural in June. The thing is I never really liked natural hair, in fact I never understood why people had their hair natural. I did not like the nappy look, the fact that it was hard to comb and blah. Lol. but then having my relaxed hair, people loved it cause it was long, soft and Jet black. Yes JET BLACK!  Also when I washed my relaxed hair it curled with waves when I packed it in a pony tail (it’s funny how I really hated the curls and waves back then, I just wanted it to be STRAIGHT!!! to show the actual length you know? Lol). Anyways that aside, since my relaxed hair was curly, wavy and soft I knew it would be better natural.


Tell us about your hair

AHHHHHH my hair is beautiful, it is sexy, it’s everything you want lol….seriously though! It is really soft, full and really curly.

oyin cropped

How do you take care of your hair?

I hardly have my hair out because of school to be honest and then because of the cold weather. If I had my way I would dedicate all of my time to it. BUT when my hair is out, I deep condition once a week and sometimes when it looks dull with no bounce, I deep condition twice a week.


I try as much as possible to avoid heat and if I actually apply heat I use a heat protector (Tressemme). I used to be a product junkie but not anymore. I love my Jamaican black castor oil and don’t think I can live without it. I feel it makes my hair rich and really healthy.

I trim my hair every 2 months and this is really bad because I’m depriving my hair of its actual length. I’m not sure why I do it, I think it’s an addiction. lol. I think it’s me being safe rather than sorry, I don’t want any split ends at all! With the curls and all one isn’t entirely sure about her ends.

How do you wear your hair?

Like I stated earlier, I hardly have my hair out because of school and the cold weather over here. I love my hair in braids, this way I can still oil my scalp. I’m guessing my favourite style is braids but when I have my hair out I just pack it in a bun.

What inspired you to go natural? How did your family and friends react?

I decided to go natural because I wanted to grow my hair faster and yeah I’m pretty much loving it. My family members were shocked that I cut my hair. I mean it took ME a while to comprehend. I was not even comfortable with it at first but now I LOVE IT. My dad and brother really hated it (they felt guys are the ones that cut their hair and not girls). Everyone around me was surprised; no one really saw it coming.

Have you received any negative comments about your hair? How did you deal?

I haven’t received negative comments really. People always tell me “I like your hair, its soft and curly” but there was this one time my dad asked “why is your hair short like that?”  This was after a wash so yes it shrunk bad and then my friend saw my hair after a blow dry and said it was scary. I don’t consider them to be negative really, I mean what do you think? I just laughed at their amazements.


What is your hair to you?

My hair is my favourite part of my body, it misbehaved once when it chopped but hey! Being natural is best for it and I have enjoyed the journey so far.

What do you love the most about being natural?

I love the fact that I get attention when my hair is out lol…..You know what? I love everything about it!

Have you experienced any difficulty being natural where you are?

Well there was this one time I walked to the gym with my hair out in like December and when I got back to mine it was hard! I had never known my hair to be hard. I was so mad that I complained to everyone lol.

Have you learnt anything new? Has going natural changed you?

Honestly before my hair journey I thought I was not patient but this journey has made me realize that I actually am but then who knows? It could just be that I’m patient only with my hair. My hair has not only changed me, it made two of my very close friends “natural hair sisters” too and they love it!

Anything you’re struggling with right now?

Right now, I’m struggling with shrinkage! I don’t like my shrinkage at all! Like one time I thought my hair wasn’t growing so I had to blow dry to see it! Like I really hate it but yeah, it’s something I’m learning to deal with.


Any Hair Goals?

My hair goal is to get past bra length.

Any last words to the person thinking about going natural or the new natural?

Being natural is more challenging sissy (yes if you are turning natural we are sisters. lol). You have to be patient! I can’t stress that enough. Avoid heat, use only natural products (it’s hard to find natural conditioners though), drink a lot of WATER! This also makes your skin look healthy and finally, rock your hair like a diva!

Do you write a blog or have a twitter or instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?

My twitter is @yinkeesaawlaa.


Big Thank you to sissy Oyinkan for sharing!

Are you inspired? Do you want to inspire someone else? Email:

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