On My Mind: Havana Twists

Maybe just maybe, you like me have been eyeing this style for a while. It’s on Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, the blogs… Havana Twists are hot in the Natural Community right now. I’ve been seeing them for a few months now.

Anyway. Looking good and great hair styles are never out of fashion,and as a lover of Kinky twists, I cannot wait to try this look.

Havana twists are just really big, chunky kinky twists. Some people call them Marley twists but I think they’re even bigger than Marley twists.

This style allegedly originated from Finger Comber, a hair site that sells a kinky braid/afro braid twist called Havana hair- mmm, I’m not sure about that but anyway yeah, these twists have been on my mind and they’re going to have to remain in my mind for a little bit more. I’ve got exams in a bit and I’m definitely going to do these when I’m done. I believe they can be made with any decent afro braid or kinky braid hair- the softer and the closer to your texture, the better.

This is a beautiful protective style (for anyone, natural or relaxed), a gorgeous take on my favourite style- Kinky twists. Here are some pictures of beautiful ladies wearing Havana twists.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

source: tumblr

source: tumblr


source: tumblr



source: pinterest

source: pinterest

Miss Ombu

I saw Jouelzy’s How-To tutorial and it’s got me thinking about doing mine myself. I’ve never braided or twisted my own hair before lol or anyone else’s to be honest. It’s a really straightforward simple 4 minute tutorial, so simple that it inspired me to try. I’ve put it out for you here:

You could read a little more about Havana twists from Jouelzy here, from BGLH here, from Preye here, from BlackNaps here, and from MyFairHair here.

What do you think of Havana twists? Have you tried or will you be trying this style out? 

Till next time,




8 thoughts on “On My Mind: Havana Twists

  1. So very cute! I might have to try this one. I’m loving my kinky twists right now and I really want to get them done again, all summer but that can get a little expensive. I used to twist my own hair (no add-ins) but I don’t have time or the patience for that these days!


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