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It’s our favourite time on the blog- Natural Hair Inspiration o’clock! 😀


Hi, my name is Adejoke, and I am from Nigeria. I currently live in Houston, Texas where I work as a Tax Accountant.

When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I transitioned for about 3 months, and I did my big chop on April 17, 2010. I had seen a few friends go natural the year before but I did not like the way they kept their hair, however I did see my cousin go natural and her hair seemed to do well so I got curious, turned to YouTube and it did not take long to be convinced to go natural. I had no trouble doing my big chop because throughout high school I wore my hair in a very short cut (boarding school problems.. lol)


Tell us about your hair

My hair is what some may refer to as 4C hair. It is very coily and shrinks the moment any form of moisture touches it. Most of my hair doesn’t have a ‘curl pattern’ but the back is a bit looser, as well as a part in front. I have no idea what porosity level it is and I am not really interested in knowing.

My hair is arm pit length when stretched out in the back, but the front does not grow as fast.

How do you take care of your hair?

My regimen is constantly changing but the current one goes something like

•          I shampoo and deep condition every 2 weeks, and the weeks I don’t shampoo I just co-wash. (at least I should deep condition after every shampoo but I sometimes skip out).

•          Depending on how my scalp feels, I have sensitive scalp that gets irritated easily, I may shampoo every week.

•          If I plan on wearing my hair out after I shampoo I prep my hair for a twist out which I wear Sunday through Tuesday, then depending on how much I have sweated out my hair during my workouts, then I put my hair in a protective style.

•          As of late I have been doing 2 braided plaits going down the sides of my hair, but it could also be a quick up-do, a puff, or a bun.


•          Other times I put my hair in protective styles such as mini twists, and lately curly sew-ins or crotchet braids.

•          I also have a wig that I use when I can’t be bothered to style my hair

I am a reformed product junkie, but I also try out a new product every month. I host a product trial group on my hair blog, and every month a group of ladies, relaxed and natural, try out a product to see how our different hair types, and textures react to the products, while considering our different routines, and lifestyles.


Hair Do’s and Hair Don’ts

A leave-in conditioner is a must for my hair, and if I want to wear my hair stretched out water must stay away, otherwise I end up with a shrunken fro. Wide tooth combs are a must, and I wash my hair in sections to avoid a tangled mess.

How do you wear your hair?

I am a bit adventurous when it comes to wearing my hair although I try to keep big hair to the weekend. I haven’t come across any type of negative feedback regarding my hair at work, in fact my co-workers are always intrigued by my constantly changing hair, some even complain when I have the same hairstyle all week, and let’s not talk about when I have braids in lol.


I like wearing my hair in two low braids going down the sides of my hair because my hair stays protected during the week, and when I take them down during the weekend I get big fluffed out hair.


Otherwise I wear mini twists, braids, buns, puffs, tamed twist outs, and sew-ins.

What inspired you to go natural?

Going natural for me was not really a big deal or any divine revelation or anything spectacular I just saw that it was possible to grow long healthy hair without relaxers which are damaging to the hair. I also saw how versatile natural hair was and I decided to give it a try.

How did your family and friends react?

Again throughout high school I wore my hair short so my family members where already used to seeing me with short hair and I did not really encounter any negative feedback, not that it would have mattered.

Have you received any negative comments about your hair? How did/do you deal?

Some people tell me to get a perm because having natural hair makes me look like an old lady. I just tell them I will not be getting a perm, plain and simple.

What is your hair to you?

Hair to me is just hair. It grows, it wears and tears, there will be set backs but in the end it’s all just hair.

What do you love most about being natural?

I love how versatile my hair is. I can go from straight to curly one day, big hair small fro, I can throw in braids a sew in, anything. I can play around with it cut it, color it, anything I want.


At present, what are your challenges? Is there anything you’re struggling with at the moment?

Shrinkage was my biggest challenge for a long time but I have reached the point where I accept my hair and understand what it can and can’t do. Now I am constantly stopping myself from reaching for a pair of scissors and clipping my hair.

Any hair goals?

Over the next year or 2 I am trying to see how long I can actually get my hair. I do know at some point in the future I will be cutting my hair. Lol I blame Instagram and all the ladies getting funky cuts which I absolutely love.


Any last words to the person thinking about going natural or the new natural?

Natural hair is fun but do not be deceived that it is just an easy walk in the park. Natural hair takes time, and care and a lot of trial and error. I remember a few occasions where I got so frustrated with my hair and had a few emergency perm boxes/hair clippers by my side. In the end it’s a matter of patience and learning to understand what works for your hair. Your hair can’t grow to waist length overnight so just be patient with it and enjoy it in whatever stage it is.

Do you write a blog or have a twitter or instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?

Yes I have a blog, which is also on Instagram @rootsdontlie. I have a YouTube channel

I am also on twitter @jagunana, and I have my personal Instagram @bellajoya.


Thank you Joke for sharing with us today!

Are you inspired? Do you want to inspire someone else? Email:

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