Casual Dining: La Mango

Good morning guys!!

This morning, I’m here not with curl talk but the occasional food post! I was at a place called La Mango on my birthday with a few luvvies.. It was a bit of a gamble as I did not know what their food was like and I could not find any reviews on the internet. So I put this out now for anyone who may someday be considering it.



Ikeja GRA can be pretty busy sometimes but La Mango is easily accessible, a little removed from the bustle. It is located at 2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way. It’s like on the road between Bank Anthony Way and Isaac John (the end Megacare Pharmacy is on).

We ate in the dining room, which is backing or facing the pool (Depends on where you are sitting). Pleasant vibes.



The staff were efficient and polite. I’d like to say though that a few days before b’day, I went there to make sure it existed lol and two waiters asked me if I was eating or waiting for someone. The 1st one asked me this when I was just about to enter the building. I was confused, wondering why she asked. She was stepping out as I was stepping in, so I wondered if she was the only waiter around. I just looked at her and went in anyway without saying anything. Inside, as I made my way towards the dining area, another waiter accosted me, asking me the same thing. I asked him how that was relevant and why he would not at least let me sit down first.

Really though, are these 2 mutually exclusive? Can I not do both? Could you not let me sit down first? If I were a man, would they ask me that? Yes, I went there. So anyway, he apologised. Mini-rant over.

On my birthday, the lovely patrons (so lovely) were around and the staff were on their best behaviour so I guess it was just human beings being slimey as usual. Why act right when it’s not your father’s restaurant?

We were the only people in the dining area for most of our time there, and they treated us like it. We did not have to wait long for the food. I put my cake in their fridge, so later when they brought it out to me, they put a sparkler in it and came round to sing to me. It was completely unexpected and definitely made me happy. 🙂


The presentation could have been better, but let’s go into the main the main, the eating. First of, everyone polished their plates (lol not literally, but we did eat). So more specifically now,

I loved my pasta.

Tagliatelle with grilled chicken in a creamy sauce

Tagliatelle with grilled chicken in a creamy sauce

The chicken was good. I had some with my pasta and 2 friends had theirs with rice.



Steak & Mashed potatoes

We all agreed that the steak was a miss. It was too dry and all that thyme (or was it rosemary?) There were suya jokes lol but even good suya is juicy. LOL. Yap. The steak was one-kind, but the mash was good.



My cocktail was delicious.


For some reason, snails make my skin crawl and I don’t think I’ll be having any ever, or in the future. My cousin D had peppered snails with his fries and declared them “dry”.


These prawns!! I don’t think we let Melie eat in peace. I am very wary of seafood, but after this, I think I can be converted. Loved the sauce too!


  1. I love that the VAT and service charge are already included in the menu
  2. The cocktails are pricier than I’m used to- so for just drinks, La Mango isn’t going to be top of my mind.
  3. For the food, considering that it’s not Mr. Bigg’s and what it takes to keep the lights on, I think the pricing is decent.


Looks/Ambience 4/5

Food 3/5

Pricing 3.5

All in all, 3/5.

Will I be visiting again?



There’s a VIP lounge and some other space upstairs, poolside and a bit more. Bridal shower or a party or event? You may want to give them a lookie.

You can also have La Mango delivered to you via Hello Food. You can view the menu on the Hellofood site here.

Have you been to La Mango? How did you like it?

Till next time,





La Mango Restaurant & Bar

2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way (off Mobolaji Bank Anthony way /Isaac John), Ikeja, Lagos.

08191914220, 08083031583


6 thoughts on “Casual Dining: La Mango

  1. Excellent review! I’ve been here to make enquires but it was so dark and gloomy that day I didn’t stay to it.
    Thanks to your review I’ll give it another try.
    Looks good for lunch with the girls!


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