Product Review- Sensationnel Pro-10 Bohemian Curl

This is my fourth week of wearing a curly sew-in, the Pro-10 Bohemian curl weave from Sensationnel. I decided to do a post about it because I’ve been asked a few questions about “my hair” lol since I got it.


week 2. right after water spritzing

First of all, this is not human hair. According to the people at Sensationnel, Pro-10 hair is made from a certain formula that makes it the bridge between human hair and synthetic hair. As a result of combining the better qualities of human hair and synthetic hair, it is supposed to be more durable than the other two.


According to the instructions on the back of the pack, you can pretty much do anything with Pro-10 hair, wash, re-curl, braid, etc. I’m not sure if I read about heat. Please read the instructions if you see this hair around.


  1. It is cheap. I used two packs in Colour 4 and got each pack for N1800.
  2. It looks good
  3. The curls last
  4. It does not tangle easily
  5. Easy to care for: spritz water to refresh, and finger detangle when necessary. (I also cover with a satin bonnet at night)
week 3. right after a water spritz + finger detangling session.

week 3. right after a water spritz + finger detangling session.

My friend wore this Pro-10 hair earlier in the year with good results as well. She used oil sheen spray when necessary, and also finger detangled.

For volume, you have to comb the hair out with a wide toothed comb. For the first two weeks, I wore mine sans volume.

whatsthisface? lol week 2. not combed out.

whatsthisface? lol week 2. not combed out.


blurry photo but it was the best hair day ^_^

blurry photo but it was the best hair day/hair photo ^_^

I pin it to work though


I can’t think of any cons to be honest. The annoying thing about these weeks so far, is really not about the hair. It’s about weaves in general. You probably already know how I truly dislike weaves.

Lifting the weave line after line to spritz my hair/scalp with water and oil with JBCO (yes, still trying to keep up with the KCCM Castor Oil Challenge) has been so tedious! I SO cannot wait to be weave free but for what it is, this Pro-10 hair is definitely a decent buy.

Have you used this hair before? What did you think?

Till next time,




27 thoughts on “Product Review- Sensationnel Pro-10 Bohemian Curl

  1. I am so glad you posted this because I have been looking into getting a sew in similar to yours. It looks so cute! But I was afraid of too much tangling. So is yours a full sew in or do you have some of your hair out? Thanks!


  2. Hey AB,
    How did you clean your hair under the weave? Or did you just leave it be? I’m thinking of doing this for 5-6 weeks but I don’t know how my hair would cope without being cowashed for that long. Wouldn’t there be build up from the oils and leave in that would cause it not to grow and therefore make it counterproductive?


    • hey Jen
      Some people wash and even deep condition with extensions- weaves/braids like it’s their own hair but I am yet to try this.
      With the weave, line by line, I separated the weave. Like, how you would if you want to straighten it or something.
      Then I spritzed the spaces between the tracks lightly with water and followed up with Castor oil (though Coconut oil is good too) I did this about two times a week. Using plain water and small oil didn’t result in any build-up for me. My scalp was clean and the hair wasn’t smelly lol- I gave it a good washing when I took it out 5 weeks later, but this is how I do it sha.
      Hope this helps


      • Will be difficult to wash pro 10 but it makes sense to use just water and oil as they are less likely to cause build up. Thanks!


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  4. Hi.
    Tnks 4 d info. This is actually my 3rd time of doing this bohemian curls. I used mousse n hairspray to maintain it. I just want to know if the water spraying really works because i am carry it for 3 months and how did you comb it out?


    • Hey Chinwe
      Yes, spraying with water really worked for me
      But my friend used hairspray (like you) and that worked too
      I combed it as I’d comb my natural hair- from ends towards the roots, with a wide toothed comb.
      You just repeat the combing motion till it’s as fluffy as you like
      After a while, it’d come down again and you can re-comb if you please. You dont need to do this often. I combed mine out just once. Hope this helps 🙂


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