Natural Hair at Miss World 2013!


Come Saturday, the finals of the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant will be held in Bali, Indonesia and 19 year old Leslassa Armour-Shillingford is in it to win it, with her naturally kinky hair!

Beautiful Leslassa is representing her country, Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica not Dominican Republic) and is the only contestant of African heritage that is rocking her curls. She is probably the first #teamNatural Miss World contestant in history!


Why is this news, you say? I’d love to live in a world where hair blogs are unnecessary and fro spotting on red carpets just for fro sake would be nothing major, because everyone’s wearing their natural hair and everyone is knowledgeable about and cool with kinky hair. We may have that by year 2020 but for today, a beauty queen with naturally kinky hair? You know that’s got your attention!

Journalist and hair blogger Valley Fontaine caught up with her during a stopover in London, and you can watch the interview here. In less than 4 minutes, Valley got in all the questions you’d probably want to know about her hair, and Leslassa answered them articulately with great poise. I like her already! 😀

I haven’t watched any Miss World pageants after the one our very own Agbani Darego won. Since then, I’ve always been at school, or somewhere without cable. This time, I am happily on holiday and will be watching! I’m rooting for my home girl, the lovely Anna Banner and of course, our girl Leslassa! Famz!


Miss Dominica is a dance teacher at present, and she actually made it to the Top 12 finals of the Talent competition last Saturday. Wishing her trucks of luck this Saturday! And I’m looking forward to seeing how she styles her hair for the big show! Till then, you can go get your Leslassa on on Facebook.

Miss World 2013 will be broadcast live this Saturday, the 28th day of September, 2013 on E! at 19:30-22:00 Indonesian local time GMT +8. Which for me is, 1:30pm- 4pm Nigerian time (GMT +1)

Love, Peace & Healthy Kinky-Curly Hair :p


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5 thoughts on “Natural Hair at Miss World 2013!

  1. She’s such an amazing young woman! I got the opportunity to interview her earlier this year when she competed in the Miss Caribbean World Pageant in the Virgin Islands. She’s well spoken, very talented and has a lovely/charming personality. She didn’t win but she did put up great competition agains the winner- Miss British Virgin Islands.
    Seeing her perform and compete with natural hair in all her competitions is so heartwarming.
    I really do hope that her performance at the Miss World Pageant will help inspire many more sisters of African decent to embrace their hair and let loose the whole European standard of beauty!


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