So I Tried A Straw Set…

Is it just me or on youtube, quite a few vloggers go “oh, this is my first time trying this style.” And then they go on to execute it perfectly. *mental side-eye.* Haha. Don’t mind me, I’m just hating. I’d LOVE to join the club of people that get styles right on the very first attempt! But for now, I’m still outside. 😦

The hair journey, like life, has got its ups and downs. I’m learning, so I’m not going to only share the good stuff. You’re going to get it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. Feel free to give suggestions, tell me how I could be better or succeed. Help me be great! Please share your tips with me! Thank you in advance 🙂


What You Need

Got this pack of straws for 40 Naira.

Got this pack of straws for 40 Naira.

  1. Drinking straws
  2. Bobby pins
  3. A pair of scissors

You like it already, don’t you? Very pocket friendly but I assure you, it will EAT your time.

How I Prepped My Hair

It’s up to you to decide if you want to style wet or damp or dry.

I had deep conditioned earlier in the day, moisturised (with a mix of a leave-in and a really soft hold gel) and sealed and my hair was in the usual chunky twists. Done with my chores for the night, I spritzed my hair section by section with water and got to work.


I wish I made a video and took more photos, but I was too busy struggling with my hands and hair and the lighting at that time wasn’t great anyway.

Here’s this really great video tutorial by vlogger, backsyncfan.

You can see more about straw sets here, but let me just summarise real quick:

1. Get your straws and bobby pins ready and close to you. My hair isn’t long, and I had these long straws, so I cut them in half.

2. Carve out a small section of hair. Make sure it’s detangled. You can do this with your wide toothed comb or a brush. Stretch it sha. It’s also good to divide your hair into big sections, as big as you can manage and start taking your small sections from there.

3. Wrap the section around a straw, starting with the ends of your hair. It’s good to tuck them in so they don’t unravel.

4. When you get to the end of your wrapping, get your bobby pin and secure straw very tightly- the pin will be inside the straw and also in your roots, against scalp.

5. Repeat till hair is all done.

6. If straws are still too long, trim them. Be careful not to cut your hair, or nick your fingers!

7. Cover hair. Better you do this with a big satin or silk scarf, OR, cover with your bonnet first and then wrap any scarf around. The scarf holds it together better than your bonnet will.

I was already dozing.


8. Leave to set. I slept with the straw set overnight. It was surprisingly comfortable to sleep in.

9. Next day, gently unravel. Carry go!

I stood infront of my bathroom mirror for over 3 hours. I was really sleepy and really tired, but I managed to get about 50 straws in.DSC07030

I knew it wouldn’t turn out as expected, but it didn’t stop me from silently threatening my hair to magically fix up. 3 hours+ is no joke!!

Me the next morning. ( ._.)

haha. just look.


What I think I did wrong

1. I think I should have tried to hold the straws in a vertical position as I wrapped, because this was the look I was actually going for.

Like this.

Like this. Source

2. I think I should have cut my hair in much smaller sections.

3. I didn’t hold the hair with the bobby pins tight enough. It only occurred to me in the final twists that the right way to do it would be to pin the straws firmly into my roots for better hold. Don’t ask how I was doing it before then because I truly don’t know!

So, what did I do?

what to do, what to do, what to do?

what to do, what to do, what to do?

I laughed at myself first and proceeded to comb the “curls” out in most places. Then with two hair combs and 2 bobby pins, I held my hair up in some kind of- what, puff? Also, Ruby Woo (any good red lippie really) always helps me in times of doubt!

DSC07089 DSC07096 DSC07087 DSC07078

Straw curls look like sleek dreadlocks at best, and at the worst I guess they can look like freeform dreadlocks. Three people asked me if I was loc’ing my hair, haha. I see this as a bright side. #winning

locks! ^_^

locks! ^_^

Oh yes, this time, imperfect fro made it past the front door! She was with me running my errands, and at a fancy party later Friday evening. In this round, AB- 1. World- 0. *Rozay grunt!* ^_^

I will try a straw set again, just to prove it to myself that I can do this so-called simple style! The next time I do, I’ll be wide awake and alert, not sleepy, and I’ll try not to make the same mistakes again. Hopefully, this would translate to sleek results!

So, booskis. Have you ever tried a straw set? Tell me about it! As I said, your suggestions are very welcome!

Till next time,





31 thoughts on “So I Tried A Straw Set…

  1. This reminded me of when I tried a twist out and it failed. I ended up combing my hair out and doing a frohawk. I haven’t tried since that time but when my hair’s out I will. You looked nice at the end 🙂


  2. Hello, congrats to you for trying your first straw set. The next time just make sure you have plenty of time and I like foam setting lotions like motions (softer set) or Elasta QP(gives a firmer set). This may help for next time: start from the back taking 1/2 to 1 inch sections parting your hair horizontal from left to right. The first row you part off you should have at least 5 or 6 straws on that row. Your second partings on that horizontal row should be vertical partings. When you part for the first straw make sure the hair is really saturated with the setting lotion or water comb the hair and place tension or slightly pull the hair as you wrap it around the straw and roll the hair until you get to the scalp then place the bobby pin at the scalp. As you comb try to get the ends really smooth and pull as you roll. You may or may not need a light gel on the ends if they pop out. Hope this works for your next straw set:)


  3. This reminds me of my first straw set. All the wahala that ended up in a huge frizzy mess. Love how you styled your not so perfect curls:)
    I don’t think the position of the straws affects much. Just get smaller sections and work with hair that is soaking wet. When the section you are working on gets a bit dry wet it with a mix of setting lotion and water. Use a comb to comb the section, stretch, roll and pin. I also found that a little heat helps. If you don’t have a hooded dryer you can use your trusty blow dryer.I hope you get better results next time.


  4. I am so angry I wanted straw curls on my hair …the saloonist now set the straws vertically and combed them all out as if they were setting my hair with normal rollers. my hair looks so short and now I don’t know what to do. I’m so angry!


  5. Also you held the heat in your head when you use the green house effect you can’t do that if you want sleepless, seat under hooded dryer to get the roots dry then wait for the rest of the hair to air dry.


  6. This is so inspiring… i never get any styling right. i even fail at twist outs. i end up jst combing it out. i wuld love to get on straw curls cause i really like it on people but i think i’ll jst seek out help. 😀 .your blog is really cool btw.


  7. U have opened my eyes to the world of straw sets. Will try them soon…. They look similar to finger curls and nicely turned out perm rod curls….

    I can imagine the frustration you felt – all those hours and your hair did not turn out as planned. *sigh* that is me on all the occasions I have attempted perm rod curls. LOL!!

    Calabar Gal

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried the straw curls over the weekend. 3 hours of rolling the hair onto the straw. I made the partitions extremely tiny cos I didnt want to hear stories that touch about the hair not drying enough on sunday morniing (put them up on saturday night). I used curling mousse as my hair product.

      On sunday morning, the hair was dry (with a little 30 minute help from my hooded dryer). Hooray!! It looked good, the curls were popping and I wore the hair to church feeling funky. However, my monday morning, majority of the curls were flat but I managed them (as is) to work. By Tuesday morning, the curls were non existent! Had to pack my hair into a bun and use a hair piece that had been lying fallow.

      *sigh* I want to try again this weekend but the thought of hours rolling my hair is putting me off…. Lord give me courage…. LOL!!

      Calabar Gal


  8. I just tried the straw curls thingy for the first time nd i used a setting lotion mixed with curling custard and water in a spray bottle on wet conditioned hair….hoping it turns out ok…*fingers crossed*


  9. I feel your pain. My hair is slightly shorter and finer, but similar texture. So when I do twist out, I fail! The curls are defined, until I finger comb or pick out. My hair is too thin to wear as is, I have to fluff out with hands or comb. Leaving my hair looking like cotton! I am too frustrated for these styles. I need a professional. My hair is just too challenging.


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