Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

So you want to go natural? Someone said: We don’t go natural, we return. Hm. Sit on that for a second.

Next week on the blog, we are paying special attention to the transitioners, the newbies and the curious- everyone who is considering reclaiming her kinks or has just recently made the decision. If someone close to you is considering going natural, this is for you too 🙂

This focus is inspired by my lovely friends! My best friend, Marilyn, did her Big Chop last week. Iby and Deli are supposed to be transitioning. Anu is still contemplating. Lu cut her hair a few months ago after transitioning for a bit and despite a few threats to go back to a relaxer, she is now coming to terms with her kinky glory. F and Dilys were spontaneous big choppers. My cousin Chidera big chopped a few months ago. Dilys the only originally hair conscious one of the lot, said bye bye to her nice relaxed hair and is presently enjoying rocking a fade and not combing her hair. ^_^

I love my coils and from this blog, you can tell how much I am enjoying my journey with them! 😀 But away from the blog, except I’m asked- or there’s any ignorance that I just have to clear up, I do not crusade or try to convert people to come to the kinky-curly side. I encourage moms to leave their kids hair alone but grown ass people? No. Trust me! The grass is so lush on this side lol but really though- why don’t I?

Simply because, I chose to stop relaxing my hair. I. Me. Myself. Nobody I know personally told me. I wanted healthier hair, I was also going through certain things in my evolution as a person and so at some point I got curious, then eventually I became possessed with the idea. I got hair conscious and for the first time wondered about how relaxers work. I came to the conclusion that my hair would thank me for ditching relaxers (it was a no-brainer really) and it is with great certainty that I say this- I’m never going back! Even with this understanding, it took me almost two years (And a previous transitioning attempt) to finally begin the transitioning that led to my Big chop! So, this is a deeply personal thing to me and I suppose it’s the same for very many others. If you decide to reclaim your kinks (that is, begin a healthy natural hair journey) with the right frame of mind and armed with (the desire for) knowledge, I can bet on it- like the odds are so good- I can bet that you won’t be going back to a relaxer!

I know it can be a little scary. You may have only vague memories of your childhood afro- most of them being painful memories of how your mom couldn’t comb your hair, or how getting your hair done was the worst thing ever! This time, it’s not going to be like that. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try really hard to enlighten, encourage and with a little help, inspire. To make the decision process a little easier for you- shed some light on the unknown, make sure you know you’re not alone. Hopefully, this could bring you over to the kinky-curly side help you make an informed decision, support you in feeling more confident about caring for your hair in its natural state.

So at noon every day of next week starting Monday, this is the focus! We are going to be looking at a few basics, what to expect, and if there’s anything in particular you want addressed, just sound off in the comments, okay?

When I started writing this series, I realised that to say everything possibly worth saying would take WAY more than a full week of blog posts and this would be too much information, trust me. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed at this beginning, so I’ve tried to keep things really simple. For me, the hair journey is similar to my experience in secondary school learning math or French or Yoruba. There are certain basics and fundamentals, and they’re just reinforced overtime, with a different level of understanding.

It’s a journey, there’s so much to learn (not too much for you, I promise) and learning has never been so fun! For this series, I’m collaborating with my friend Tolu and we hope this is a simple and easy to understand beginner’s guide. Feel free to dig deeper into the blog for more hair gist.

Just so you don’t forget, you can subscribe to receive posts by email as soon as they’re published- or follow me on Bloglovin’! Bloglovin’ is an amazing app really, if you’re someone like me that stalks so many different blogs and wants to keep up with everything at once.

So. What do you want to know next week? What are your fears, worries, concerns? Let me know in the comments!

I’m always an email away thekinkandi@gmail.com





9 thoughts on “GOING BACK TO NATURAL

  1. Woo! I got a mention!

    ps: I just added you to my bloglovin. I have no idea why it took me so long. Looking forward to the dialogue.


  2. Glad I found this blog. I’m seriously considering no longer relaxing and the transition is super stressful. You were right on when you said the part about barely remembering our original hair and just having memories of the fighting days of trying to tame it. After speaking with my hairdresser we decided to skip the relaxer and see how it goes. I’m tempted to Big Chop but my hair overwhelms me. I prefer longer hair. Anything I can learn here would be helpful and the support would be awesome!


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