The Quarter Café

Hello people!

My hair is still in Havana Twists, and true to its wriggly nature, it’s sticking out in various places, this is not a problem though because it blends in nicely. Kinky extensions for the win!

I was in Abuja for a few days. On Monday, my home girl Iby and I made our way to The Quarter Café. It was a really hot sunny afternoon and I didn’t feel like packing my hair in a ponytail or a bun, so I decided I’d do two rolls. To achieve this, all I needed were my good old two hands and a rubberband. Nothing fancy. I may try it again in the future, refine it & make it pretty, but it did the job. My hair was up to spare me the heat and it stayed up till bedtime.


It has been a while since I did a food post on the blog, so here’s a quick one! 🙂

The Quarter Café is a new place, just opened in September.


It is a “bourgeois boutique café” hidden away in a very quiet corner of Wuse 2.

There is no big or small sign outside the gate and though I didn’t ask, I have a feeling this is deliberate.

It’s a really small, cosy intimate place. Iby & I counted the seats there and they were 19 or 20 in total. I LOVE small spaces.

We really liked the simple white & black décor, with windows letting in lots of natural light.


The feel was so intimate that I felt a little odd taking photos. Do you ever get this feeling when you’re out? Anyway I liked it from the moment I stepped in and as it’s new, I thought more people should get to know it, so I had to take a few photos for this post.


Iby had a Mocha Frappé with a Beef, Ham and Cheese Sandwich grilled Panini style. At first, the sandwich wasn’t cheesy enough, but once she made this known, more cheese was added, at no extra cost.



I had 2 of their Signature pancakes topped with Whipped cream, Orange-mango juice and White Chocolate Mousse.


We both loved my pancakes, they were so light and fluffy!

I could have just stopped there, but it’s almost impossible for me to resist anything white chocolate.


I loved the mousse, and I thought the milk chocolate crown thingy was a nice touch.


We were served by a waiter and the owner herself, Kadijah Mohammed. She was nice and when we were done, she wanted to know if we enjoyed our food 🙂

Here’s what Iby had to say about The Quarter Café:

I liked the ambience, the privacy and the size of it. The food was great, it had a really personal homely touch, like some thought went into preparation, not commercial at all! And the Café smelled really comforting, like coffee and baked goods. 🙂

Lovely food, good vibes, great service. Did I already mention there’s free candy? 

Altogether we spent 4,950 naira (inclusive of 10% VAT). So, I leave it up to you to rate the pricing!

Though our main food choices were Breakfast/brunch-y, (which is served at all open hours by the way- we had our “Breakfast” at 3pm!) Lunch & Dinner are also on the menu at the café! You just want Tea or Coffee? A salad? Steak? They’ve got you!

If you want to go somewhere new, somewhere quiet for breakfast or lunch or brunch or dinner with the girls or family or significant other or even first date, anyone really, or you just want some quiet time with good nibbles and your favourite book, I WE suggest you visit The Quarter Café! 🙂


The Quarter Café

6 Tapeta Street

Off Thaba Tseka Street

Off IBB Way

British Village

Wuse 2,


(Black gate, white fence 😉 )

Phone: 08184144444 email: thequartercafe [at] gmail [dot] com. Website:

They deliver, and they also offer exclusive catering services.

They’re on twitter: @qcafeabuja, facebook: and on Instagram: @qcafeabuja.

I’ll be back the next time I’m around. The Gourmet mini burgers and Belgian waffles looked very interesting!

Over to you! Have you been to the Quarter Café? What are your thoughts? The next time I’m in Abuja, where should I go?

Share! 🙂

Till next post,




photos by AB & Iby.


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  1. Hello..iv really wanted a Havana or Marley twist for a while now.needed something different from the normal expression attachment buh I don’t know any good salon or even the weave to get..your Havana twist looks good can you recommend somewhere I can get it done..Marley twist especially..thanks


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