Giveaway! : Better Than Good Hair

Is there any natural that has ever turned to the internet for information and inspiration that doesn’t know Curly Nikki? I SERIOUSLY doubt it. has been a great resource for naturals since its inception in 2008- I love it, and so when Nikki put out her book ‘Better Than Good Hair’ early in the year, I just knew I had to get it. I waited months, till I finally got it- and I wasn’t disappointed.

I should do a review of the book right? But I’m reporting at an NYSC camp in a few hours and the last few days have been hella hectic, I just haven’t had the time. It’s really good, especially if you’re in the first few years of your hair journey. It’s not exclusively for newbies, all stages are covered in the book- and there’s something in it for everyone natural or relaxed. Transitioning, creating a regimen, several illustrated styling tutorials, henna, natural hair care for kids… To say any more would be launching into a review, so I won’t. If you’d like to take my word for it, I’ve got ONE copy of ‘Better Than Good Hair’ for one lucky person! 😀


So, the entire time I’m away at camp, November 5- November 26, this giveaway is open to anyone with a delivery address in Nigeria.

Here’s what you have to do to win:

Leave a comment answering all three questions:

A. Where are you based in Nigeria?

B. Tell me at least one thing you don’t like about the blog or something you’d like to see more of, or something that could be improved

C. How are you following the blog? Bloglovin’? Email subscription? WordPress reader? (I will check!)

Please, suggestions are welcome from everyone, even if you’re not in Nigeria! 🙂

At the end of the month, a winner will be chosen at random, no ojoro!

Thank you sooooo much for reading the blog!

P.S. I may not be able to respond to emails during this period at camp, so if you mail me and I don’t get back to you soon enough, maa binu!

Bye luvvies,




21 thoughts on “Giveaway! : Better Than Good Hair

  1. 1. Lagos,Nigeria
    2. I think you blog is awesome but your interviews are always tad lengthy. I sort of wish to read a more concise one.
    3. WordPress reader/email.


  2. 1. Lagos, Nigeria
    2. Wow! Havent really seen something I don’t really like, but I think you should improve more blogging habit(I must commend you tho, but I want to see more of the interviews).
    3.WordPress/email subscription.
    Thank you


  3. Lagos, Nigeria.
    You always give a satisfying low down on most subject matters, and man! you humor me a lot! and maybe you try blog more often coz I anticipate your next posts… a lot *slams hands on face*
    By e-mail subscription


  4. 1- port Harcourt. (
    hi flora! Youare the 1st natural hair lover I’ve run into in PH- though it’s online, it counts)

    2- I love love the hainspiration interviews and product reviews.
    I don’t like that Port-Harcourt is side-lined.
    I’d loveee to see more DIY videos on styling.

    3- I just found you and I subscribed by email and activated a WordPress account. I think you are the only one I’m following right now.

    Enjoy your camp. Hope you have braids or full weave on.


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  6. 1. I’m always on the move so I’ll say I’m based in Rivers, Lagos and Ogun… Heehhehehehee

    2. Interviews are so lengthy i just look at the pictures. Lol.

    3. I don’t follow the blog but ever since you gave me your blog handle at NITC 6, I’ve never stopped checking.

    In other news, I’m going to miss NITC 7 *nw wailing* have fun in camp!


  7. 1. Magodo, Lagos
    2. I love your blog and I’m rili inspired! I think you should put up more tutorial on hair styling!
    3. I don’t follow your blog but I have your website bookmarked on my fone, so I check for recent post almost every other day!


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  9. whoever that wins the book is lucky! its a really nice, cute and girly book! probably the second best natural hair book i’ve read. Im still a newbie on the site so I dont have any suggestion. But i like the new layout


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