This Saturday: Naturals In The City 7!

If Saturday the 30th day of November 2013 meets you in Lagos, do give yourself a treat; be a part of Naturals In The City 7!

It is the 7th natural hair meet-up in Lagos put together by Natural Nigerian, and her 9th, I believe, in the country. *insert applause for NN here* Really! I’ve been to two meet-ups and both times, it was good fun to meet other naturals, be inspired by their hair, learn a lot of new things and go a little crazy with the shopping- so many vendors in one place? Hello!! AB is saying a very big thank you to NN and all her friends!! 🙂 🙂

This meet-up promises to be more fun than ever, so here’s what you should look forward to:

PROTECTIVE STYLING: this is the main-the-main, the theme of the meet-up. Some days, you don’t just know what to do with your hair! You don’t want to wear it loose but you really don’t know how to work it. At this meet-up, expect to learn about how to put your hair in protective styles, and how to care for it while it’s in a style. Protective styling helps you keep your hair away from regular manipulation, and you can have fun looking different (in numerous good ways) while you’re at it.

AYURVEDIC HAIR CARE: come learn how the Indian ladies do it. You too can keep your hair healthy and shiny with herbs! If you’re interested, these herbs will be available for sale at the meet-up!

KICKIN’ IT WITH THE KINKS: have you seen this Cynthia Bature documentary? No? We’ve been under the same rock. This documentary will be screened and some hair talk may follow 🙂

MAKE-UP BANTER: Healthier hair should lead you towards healthier living. A legit Make Up Artist will be at the meet-up to show you how to apply makeup hygienically. Healthy hair, healthy skin? #winning!


Lots of natural hair and skin products and accessories to choose from, don’t miss it!

And of course, the usual supply of plenty plenty real life hairspiration. Who says you can’t be happily fabulously natural in Nigeria? Take that person with you to NITC 7!


Whether you’re a hoarder or a junkie or there’s just this product that hasn’t really worked out for you, you might find your Holy Grail product at the NITC 7 Product Swap! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Bring your gently used product (be nice, I think “gently used” means not more than half way gone)
  2. Get a ticket
  3. Pick up another product

Simple! But you know what this means right? You have to be early if you’re really going to get to choose good stuff!

NITC 7 remains at the usual venue, the lovely Omenka gallery. For directions, go here.

Time? 1:30- 5:30pm, be early!

Entry is free, and as always, everyone is welcome! Bring your mama and your boo and all your girlfriends too! Relaxed, kinky, hair or no hair, everyone’s invited!

If you’re still not sure if this is worth trying, you could see these posts about past meet-ups I attended: NITC 6 in July and last year in Abuja, Capital Naturals.

I’m actually jealous of you guys that get to be in Lagos for this! Not too jealous though, a little pampering is long overdue and this I shall seek at Le Revitalize Rendezvous, the Lumo Naturals and Lifestyle Spa collabo happening in Abuja on the same day! If you see me, say hello! 😉

Life is proper busy right now, and I’m still separated from my computer. I hope to be back for good soon! If I owe you an email, please you’ll be getting it as soon as poss’!





6 thoughts on “This Saturday: Naturals In The City 7!

  1. I would love to be with all these amazing girls! But I’m very far away from you.
    I loved the picture with some protective styles! Very cute!
    I’ve training, but its hard to do! As well as braid…little braids.
    Do you know any good site with differents braid styles?

    Loved your post!


  2. You are invited to our hair seminars below.

    We are Tangled Hair Techs. Learn specialized techniques as well as training to detangle and remove severely matted tangled hair, braids, dreadlocks, weave extensions and twists

    Canada Event

    UK Seminar Event

    South Africa Event

    Watch our Youtube videos


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