Salon Review: Natural Nation Hair Studio

Hey guys!

I was in Abuja last month and I was so confused by my hair . Maybe it was the stress of all the things I was doing in real life combined with my latest observations about my hair, I was feeling FRUSTRATED. I just REALLY needed someone to take the wheel.

So I went to the Directory, and got the contact deets for Natural Nation Hair Studio. I called to make an appointment, and at the appointed time, I showed up.

Natural Nation Hair Studio

Suite A8, Sysak Plaza, 5213 Road, Off 1st Avenue, Opposite the Redeemed Church, Gwarinpa.

09-2914841, 08166126390, 07054362534

(I had to call them for directions, but it isn’t a difficult place to find)

First Impressions:

Cute. It’s a small place, so I can see why it’s in your best interest to book an appointment. They had cane chairs with Ankara cushioning which I loved, and I could not miss a cute little throw pillow with an illustration of a female face rounded with an Afro. Clean, good lighting, AC… I made myself comfortable.

Hair Prep

I waited for a bit (not long). My hair was washed with Dudu Osun (African black soap) and conditioned with some Conditioner I couldn’t read the name but I was too tired to ask abeg. I’d spent the day dragging with those criminals shopping at Wuse Market so I was very tired and NOT in the best mood. I just wanted to trust them and let them do with me as they pleased.

But please oh. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU GO TO SALONS! I’ve heard horrible horrible stories!!

Back to my experience at the Hair Studio. Because my hair was acting like an Iron Sponge when I came in (ugh, we’ll discuss this later), the lady in charge advised that I steam it. I sat under the dryer for a little over 20 minutes with olive oil and Organics Hair Mayonnaise in my hair. I’ve never paid attention to Organics products, but this was good. My hair felt much much revived.

Personally, I try to stay away from mineral oil but I didn’t mind- as the product did a nice job. However, I wonder how many naturals would feel comfortable with a product with Parrafinum (mineral oil) as the third ingredient. I found it to be an odd choice. What do you think?

Anyway. Then entered my stylist, and she blew out my hair gently and patiently, with a little shea butter.

The Main-The Main

Finally, the moment I’d been waiting for. How was she going to style my annoying hair so I wouldn’t have to touch it forever and ever and everrrrrrrr?

Stylist asked me what I wanted to do. I asked her what she could do. She said twists. I said OR? She said “normal children’s weaving”

Pause. -_____-

Dealbreaker right there. Excuse me oh. But I don’t know how you claim to be a natural hair salon if your stylist only knows how to twist or do “normal children’s weaving”. I could do that at any salon. The only difference of course, would be that at the normal salon, they may not be as patient with my hair. They may grumble, and I may be asked a few questions about why I won’t relax my hair.

I definitely didn’t want “normal children’s weaving”, so I told Aunty to twist.

I knew I was going to loosen the hair in 2 days anyway as I had another salon appointment (Review soon) I can’t remember how long it took, but it wasn’t a disproportionate amount of time.

The twists themselves were really good- very neat and tidy and shiny! BUT because my hair was dry & blown-out, the twists were pretty limp. I’ve had twists on damp, not blown hair which you could see here and I think I much prefer the damp results. Maybe my hair doesn’t like heat. But this isn’t because of the Salon treatment of course, it’s just an observation. I’ll remember to mention this to any hairdressers in my future. So the stylist did this technique to save the day- very common with locks, like she interlocked the twists. Oh, there was a bit of cornrowing in the front too.



There were two other girls at the salon when I got there. One was getting a weave, and the other wanted a bantu knot out. They (that is, the people at the Salon) didn’t know how to do it/they didn’t know what that was. In my head, I was like EHN? But it’s an easy thing, so she explained that they’d have to twist her hair and knot each twist around itself… And then they said they could. I was just shocked yo. I mean, bantu knots are pretty basic knowledge in natural hair world, are they not? Side-eye.

Damage done?

3500. 2000 for the steaming and 1500 for the styling.

As usual I’m leaving it to you to rate the pricing according to your pockets, but here’s my rating:

I had an issue with the 1500 for the pretty basic styling. Definitely not worth it in my opinion. And I still felt like a child so I scarfed my hair before I left, going the same way I came.

About the 2k for steaming, Note to self: If I’d forced myself to breathe, I could have calmed down, not been so mad at my hair, and revived it myself. So no complaints there. Next time, do your own hair prep!

So, what’s my verdict?

I’m not in Abuja anymore but would I be visiting Natural Nation Hair Studio again?

Mmmmm. I appreciate their effort, for trying to be there for us naturals- I was having a bad hair day and was in no state of mind to try to fix it. I’m happy the salon was there for me- but I have to be honest.

The service was great, they were nice people, my hair was revived, but the styling was a big NO-NO. They SERIOUSLY need to fix that. Until they do, I think the ‘Hair Studio’ part of the name is and will remain misleading.

At my regular salon, there’s not as much attention to décor lol BUT they respect my hair and detangle it patiently and do not complain or suggest I put a texturiser in. AND for everything, I definitely wouldn’t have paid half as much.

So, I’m just going to say I didn’t feel what I was supposed to feel at Natural Nation Hair Studio.

The lesson? Natural salon or not, try to prepare your hair yourself before you go styling. AND have your style in mind!

Have you been to Natural Nation Hair Studio? How did you like it?

Till next time





11 thoughts on “Salon Review: Natural Nation Hair Studio

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t know what a bantu knot out was. Maybe it’s called a different name? I usually prep my hair at home before styling because of how some stylist manipulate the hair. Now, I need to consider cost as well. Thanks for the review.


  2. Thanks for the post girl, never been to one because we have none here, one would think on a little island there would be a salon for naturals but nope, the salons only know how to straight hair or weaves, nothing in between, sad right, that’s why I do my own hair, because these girls simply cannot deal with my texture hair 🙂 That’s all right because I can 😀


  3. 2000 for steaming and 1500 for “normal children’s weaving” in front and some twists at the back??? Loooooool! I will let my body heat + a plastic bag steam for me and I will beg my aunty to twist


  4. Hian, I’ve given up on natural hair salons, 1500 for what, nah I feel people are using the high demand to scam us all. Decided recently to stick to doing my hair at home or prep it and to a regular salon. It’s all good jare


  5. Hi My name is Phillip,
    I’m the proprietor of Natural Nation up front I’ll apologize for the writers experience, from my understanding this was sometime last year…
    I keep natural locs myself and so i’m all for improvements in the sector. (which is why i opened one in the 1st place) we now have a range of superb coconut, jojoba and castor oils plus a full range of moisturizers available. yes we meet challenges but the difference is we overcome always. If you ever need any clarifications please call me on 08166126390. Cheers !


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