2013: The Year In Hair

2013 was a grrreat year! ^____^

2013 Year in Blogging

January wasn’t like just yesterday. Time flew, but a lot happened in real life- and hair/blog life was just as eventful! I had a lot of fun getting to know my hair better, and sharing with you guys. So far, so good. I can say I’m thriving in my kinky curliness. I am very happy with my hair.

2013 saw me blogging consistently for all twelve months, something I wasn’t sure was possible. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 A FAQ page is due- I’m working on it, but for now, the highlights of 2013 in blog & hair.

Here’s how I started the year.


This is how I’m ending it.

one Jack 5ive morning

See? Growth! 🙂

See? Growth! 🙂 From the TWA stage, we are now in the in-between phase. When stretched, hair is about the same length I had relaxed. Collar Bone- Shoulder Length tins! B-)

Random Tip:

I found out that SPAR regularly stocks Coconut oil for cheap.


This year, we had two Blog Specials:

1. The Understanding Hair 101: Hair Basics Series and

2. for the would-be and newbie naturals, Going Back To Natural


I used to despise Shampoo. But a Clean scalp is important. I’ve learnt how to get the most out of my ‘Poo days.

I also tried No-Poo alternatives for Clarifying- the BSV method (Baking Soda x Apple Cider Vinegar) and my favourite, the Mudwash!


At first, moisturising was a fruitless chore. My hair was good for a few hours and then I ran back to leave-ins. No surprise I had a confusing brief episode with Product Build-Up.

Then I learnt about Hair Porosity, and the fact that my hair is Low-Po helped me adjust accordingly.

I also started Deep Conditioning and after a few weeks, my hair became softer, and much more receptive to products.


Mostly, I wore my hair in what I like to call Le Shrunken Fro.

I know ‘Fros look fierce and all, but combing is a piece of cake, if you know how 😉

Recently, I discovered Tangle-Free Fro!

One time I tried a Straw Set. And another time, mini twists.

And for a week, I rocked a Mohawk type braided updo.

For Protective Styling, my GO-TOs were Kinky Extensions and a curly weave- Pro-10.

Oh. And I discovered I could do Havana twists!


I’ve experimented with a lot this year.

Now I know that it is possible for rinse-out/instant conditioners to double as leave-ins

Natural Nigerian- Nigerian naturalista, blogger and businesswoman, released her very own Leave-In Conditioner.

I tried this- and more. For product reviews, go here.

I also went to two Natural Hair Salons this year, and reviewed both experiences.


This year, SIXTEEN naturals of varied lengths and textures- fros and locks- female and male, shared their hair stories in words and pictures on some special Fridays. My personal favourite part of the blog 🙂 If you missed any, you could catch up here!

If you’d like to be featured next year, just holler in the comments or email me: thekinkandi@gmail.com 😉


This year, we had not 1 but 2 Blog giveaways!

And I had fun meeting other curlies at Naturals In The City 6 in July and The Great Kinky Hair Christmas Affair this December.

I celebrated my First Hairversary!!

And I gained/retained some length, thanks to the Kinky Curly Coily Me Summer Castor Oil Challenge!

DIY Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil

It hasn’t been all hair on the blog- I also got in a few restaurant reviews! 😀

In this year alone, quite a few Natural Hair Salons and Retailers popped on the Nigerian scene. We have a growing Directory of Natural Hair Friendly Salons and Shops on the blog which you can view here.

Oh, and this year, Ms. Leslassa Armour Shillingfield was the first kinky-curly chica to contest in the Ms. World pageant, in Indonesia- with her natural curls!

For my favourite picks through out the year, you could go see posts with the AB Loves tag here 🙂

Thank YOU for reading the blog, and for connecting with me; leaving comments, and emailing! I’ve been greatly encouraged and inspired to press on in my hair journey, and always find time to write.

I wish you love, joy, good health and Happy Hair Days as we step into the New Year.

See you in 2014!




6 thoughts on “2013: The Year In Hair

  1. I used to put tresemme rinse out conditioner in my hair and my hair felt ok with it and I thought I was weird. lol I guess rinse out conditioners can serve as leave ins


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