For An Optimist, I Can Be Pretty Pessimistic



As you know, I’m wearing Finger coils at the moment and I love them! This is a little funny because I was SO ready to give up on all of my three attempts. I started on Saturday as I watched Pocahontas. At the end of the movie, I hadn’t achieved much :/

Sunday, I loosened Saturday’s work because I wanted to wet my whole head. I figured spraying would be too much work when I could just rinse it. But guess what? My roommate made jollof rice and I ate too much and couldn’t achieve much after that.

My negative goggles were proper thick last weekend shaaaa! I just couldn’t see any good coming out of what I was doing. To my eyes, my coils were too poofy, too rough, not pretty. The hair itself was looking dull to me, like it wasn’t dark enough, like it had no shine. I was whining, wondering if all the stress was worth it, but my roommate kept encouraging me (thank you, F!!) So Monday I stayed home and finally finished the work.

On Tuesday when I woke up, I actually wasn’t sure I could make it to work (real vain, I know), but after a while, I decided I would risk it, pulling out my makeup bag for morale support. Who else does this? I don’t usually wear makeup to work, it’s much too hot! But I stepped into the light (literally), looked in the mirror, and saw that I didn’t NEED makeup to pick me up. My hair was cute, not bad at all for a first attempt, I was good to go! AND my hair was dark and lovely and shiny!

Up close

Yes indeed!

How did I not see that? I really wonder what was happening over the weekend!

I’m happy I kept going. One more style I like, one more style I’ve learnt to do!! Yay!

Today’s lesson, kids: Don’t let doubt and negativity hold you back from trying something new in life or hair. Don’t obsess about being perfect, just keep going, Keep Moving Forward!! 🙂

Yours truly was featured on Queen of Kinks over at NenoNatural this week! Please go check it out here, thank you 🙂

Love & Lots of Positivity,



And oh, just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new page on the blog- Need Help? FAQs. I’d like to know your thoughts, please and thank you. 🙂

18 thoughts on “For An Optimist, I Can Be Pretty Pessimistic

  1. LOL!
    I understand being discouraged and lazy.
    Making your hair yourself isn’t as easy as these YouTube’rs make it seem.
    Your coils look amazing. Your hair is amazing, lol.


  2. It looks so amazing! Oh wait, is this me having a second thought on finger coils? Lol..I hope I sum up courage to try this one day…


  3. I love your looks beautiful. Good for you for not giving up. Sometimes those lazy, discouraging moments try to sneak in…don’t let them. The natural hair journey aint easy–but it’s 110 worth it!!!

    LOL @jollof rice. i love it!


  4. Your hair is so pretty. Good thing you stuck it out. I just started following your blog. I’m transitioning and a little scared but stuff like this makes me think I can actually pull this off.


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