Hair Vitamins: Yay or Nay?

Hey ladies!

Hair Vitamins are one hot topic in the Black Hair Community right now, natural and relaxed. You’ve probably heard of Hairfinity? African Hair Accel? Biotin? Manetabolism? No? Okay.

Many of us want that Rapunzel hair, and most of us wanters want it fast! Hair Vitamins promise to take you to healthier and longer hair, quicker.

How Hair Vitamins Work

No need to get too Science-y, here’s what I understand:

Food is body fuel, and different parts of the body need different nutrients to function; Vitamin A for bright eyes, Iron and Folic Acid contribute to the blood… Your hair benefits from Vitamin A and Iron and Folic Acid too, but here’s the thing. Hair isn’t an essential organ. Nutrients get grabbed by the other parts, before the hair gets its share. So if you aren’t eating well enough, the little you eat may not get to your hair.

Hair Vitamin tablets are thus a concentrated selection of vitamins that are believed to be beneficial to hair, packaged in doses for daily consumption. They’re just like any other multivitamins, but these are chosen/formulated specially for the benefit of your hair.

What Are They Really Promising?

Marketing gimmicks aside, these supplements aren’t claiming to have Chemical X or any magic at all.

Hair grows, no doubt. Depending on several factors (genetics, how healthy your lifestyle is, diet, etc), some people grow hair faster than others. Still, it is said that on average, we can expect our hair to grow half an inch every month. Hair Vitamins promise to strengthen your hair and to give it a boost, help it grow faster than it usually would.

Okay AB, Why Are We Talking About This?

Curiosity got this cat. Very recently, I received one month’s supply of Hair Vitamins from African Hair Accel, to try out.


I will do a length check before I start taking the pills, and I’m also going to put my hair away in a protective style for the one month I’ll be taking them, to eliminate the chances of breakage from combing or any manipulation.

There isn’t a lot of information available about these things on the internet (probably because they are “just” Vitamins), not as many reviews as I’d like. My Acne situation is already very testy, I hope it isn’t aggravated (popular side-effect of Biotin) Also, I’m naturally very hairy so I hope the vitamins will concern themselves with ONLY the hair on my head! ( ._.)

Expect a review soon (honest and unbiased as usual), the pictures will speak for themselves.

But till then, what do you think about Hair Vitamins right now? Are you taking any? Please take the poll below- and you could also share a little (or a lot) more in the comments!





13 thoughts on “Hair Vitamins: Yay or Nay?

  1. Makes the 2 of us reviewing this product as I also got a month supply as well. I’m not much for popping pills but might give it a go or ask my younger sister to try it out so I can assess objectively.


  2. Hmmm… I’ve always been of the school of thought that your body will take what it needs from food and excrete the excess.
    I’ve seen reviews that said their hair grew faster, or same rate but fuller; those that saw absolutely no change; those that saw weird side effects. So I guess one would have to try to know.
    Would I? No. I eat healthy most of the time I’m thinking I probably don’t need it.
    I’m really curious to see how it goes for you though.


  3. i already take regular multivitamins and high strenght vit. C for my body as a whole and I try really hard to eat veggies and fruits…i would pass on the hair vitamins as my hair is growing. If I had alopecia, I *might* try them.


  4. I have never tried hair vitamins. I know many people take them and they say that it works for them. I have only been natural for one year and have experienced amazing growth in 12 months! Hair growth and thickness could be genetics, could be based on your diet… there are a lot of factors. I say whatever works for you, do it! 🙂


  5. I’m a hairy one as well, and I occasionally have to pluck out stray chin hair. I’ll pass on these, just in case those grow faster as well. No thank you.


  6. I just started taking GNC Ultra-Hair Nourish pills 2 weeks ago. From birth I have had “sal head” (dialect for picky hair – haha) and all through my life I have never been able to grow my hair to any considerable length. On top of that, my hair is thin. So, YES, I am all for trying hair vitamins! As you said, they are just VITAMINS specially formulated to benefit your hair. Someone with growing hair, thick hair etc wld not see the need.
    I also don’t eat a lot of fruits/veggies so I know I’m not getting the proper amounts in my system. I don’t take regular daily vitamins either so I can only see these as something good (once they don’t start putting ‘chemical X’ in there!)
    Looking forward to see how those work for you x


  7. I’d wait for your review, then maybe, just maybe i’d think about it. Right now, i think pills are just Meh!!!


  8. I don’t take vitamins for my hair. And I hope never to. I like to think I eat healthy enough. I have seen the vitamins work for my friends but I just have an innate dislike for drugs. I don’t even take medication for dysmenorrhoea, no matter how painful. Lol. Hope it works out for you. Also try and monitor the texture and thickness of your hair, not just the length.


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