Just Because A Mudwash Sounds Crazy…

Hey guys!

The Natural Nigerian Product Giveaway is over, and our 2 winners Nafisat (@__Nafisat) and Sumbo (@_datrandomchick) announced. Please email your delivery info to me ASAP! Thanks to everyone who participated, I wish I had consolation prizes to give. I heart you a lot! ❤

I remember how awkward I felt the first time I put mayo and eggs in my hair. I only convinced myself to try because my hair was breaking and I was desperate! From there I graduated to clay. This thing called a Hair Journey isn’t a small thing oh! One of the questions asked was ‘Just Because A Mudwash Sounds Crazy, What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Put In Your Hair?’, and I really enjoyed reading your responses! So much, I knew I had to share!

I asked, and you answered…

 “a mixture of raw eggs, honey, different oils and my deep conditioner”

“Mixture of Shikakai/methi powder”

“raw eggs”

“Palm oil”

“Never been that adventurous but planning to apply henna real soon…that’s about it for me..lol”

“Edible mayonnaise when I ran out of hair mayo *shiver * “

“Weed leaves aka Igbo..lool”

“I haven’t particularly put anything weird on my hair as I’m very low on the adventure scale when it comes to my skin and hair. For me though, the weirdest thing so far is a raw egg and honey DIY mix… needless to say my hair felt very stringy afterwards…lol”

“Palm oil and Zobo juice”

“Curry leaves”



“Ogiri ( which I learnt was castor )”

“Onions and Potatoes juice (Extracts)”

“Bentonite clay”

“Onion juice”

“Egg and Honey (read online that it would help with dandruff)”

“Half Ripe Avocado pear, egg yolk and olive oil”

“Bananas that were blended with a spoon and it got stuck”

Raw Indian hemp powder mixed with Soulmate hair cream :(“


“I washed it with egg, milk, honey and lime juice”

“Palmoil + eggs + mayo + some weird hausa stuff.”

“Raw eggs and mashed banana mixture”

“Okra. Cos some naturalista ( I still think she’s a witch) said it was moisturizing”

“Palm Kernel Oil”

“Banana deep condition left a residual on my hair”

“Palm oil and raw eggs and mashed bitter leaf”

“Man shanu(cow ghee)”

“Handwash liquid x_X . I was too desperate to clean the dirt in my hair and there was no shampoo in sight *covers face*”

“St Ives body cream”

“I haven’t put anything outrageously weird on my hair because my hair is like my baby. I’m pampering it and loving up on it and using only stuff I’m sure of. The weirdest thing I’ve done however is to do almost 3 different types of deep conditioning at once.”

“Raw garlic paste. HORRIBLE IDEA. Couldn’t get the smell out!”

“Palm oil”

“Bananas…. 2 years ago I’d have slapped anyone who suggested that.”

“Nothing too weird, but I’ll have to say…honey”

“Eggs, vinegar, tomatoes, oranges”

“I would have to say Indian Hemp mixed with Shea butter”

“LOL…Garlic oil capsules???”

“Lime juice”

“Avocado, mashed bananas and tea. -_-“


“For me, Bama mayonnaise because I hate it but my hair loves it. If I can’t eat it well my hair can have it.”

“Egg, honey and mayonnaise mixture.”


“Crisco shortening. I used it as a sealant!”

“Stout and Egg mix”

“It’s not weird, but in my relaxed days, i actually used a mix of honey and shea butter (with more honey than anything) on my edges and dripped honey all day long!”

“Baking Soda and then MUD”

“Fresh tomatoes”

“A mixture of Bentonite clay and avocado pear”

“A black tiny spice used for peppersoup mashed in shea butter(ori).”

Wow. The lengths we go for our hair! I say this with NO judgment whatsoever; some of you have gone places I’m not sure I want to reach! :-p I understand the struggle all too well. Everything is probably the best thing you’ve never tried. May our endeavours to keep our hair healthy and happy on our heads be crowned with success! Say Amen!

Is your own weird/crazy thing not on the list? Share with us in the comments (you can be anonymous for today LOL)

You know I love you,



10 thoughts on “Just Because A Mudwash Sounds Crazy…

  1. The weirdest thing I’ve ever done is apply a concoction of Aussie Moist Conditioner, honey and Mayo as a deep conditioner. It was a recipe from Kyss of kyssmyhair.com. Since inexpensive, well, cheap deep conditioners have failed my hair, I decided to give it a try. I did it yesterday, really hoped and prayed for the best. It was lovely, my hair felt so soft while applying it. And today, when my hair was close to being dry(my hair takes minimum two days to air dry), I had the fewest tangles I’ve ever had since I’ve been natural(this includes my really long transition). This is coming from a girl whose hair wants to always form dreads after air drying.


  2. This cracked me up to no end! I completely forgot I once put okra in my hair til I saw that quote. Lol. That was way back in my early teens when I knew nothing about hair and someone said it grows hair. Eggs, honey, black tea, avocado, ACV, mayo, milk etc are pretty much normal for me. I’m a mixtress of sorts. An infusion with ‘efirin’ is another weird one I tried but I liked it.


  3. Hi,this is really random but I need your opinion. O’naturals or Tunmise hair salon,which should I patronise please? I’m tired of my hair and I cannot hair-lp myself anymore…kindly suggest,thank you.
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.


    • Hey Doris,
      I’ve heard good things about both salons, and seen very nice photos of hair styled at O’Naturals.
      So just go with the one that’s closer to you. O’Naturals won’t be open today because it’s Monday. You could call Tunmise Naturals to confirm if they’d be open today.


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