Length Check!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in this post about Hair Vitamins, I am taking some vitamin supplements from African Hair Accel that are supposed to encourage faster hair growth. I braided my hair on Β Friday, and I started taking the vitamins on Saturday. After the 30 day period has elapsed, I will take down my braids and do another length check to compare, and I’ll definitely show you my results.

So, here are length check photos taken on Thursday night, after I blow-dried. You can read about my blow dry process (the Tension Blow-Dry method in my last post here)

Left side, Front

Left side, Front

middle section

middle section

Right side, back

Right side, back

As you can see, I measured 8 inches in the front and back, and about 7 inches in the middle.

I was on Black Girl Long Hair on Tuesday and appaz, for some people, it’s a crazy or psycho obsessive thing to do length checks with measuring tape? O_o LOL people need to calm down. I got this idea from Ndeshimona of My Curly Potential, and I think it’s a pretty effective and accurate way to do a length-check. Definitely easier than making or buying a length-check tee, though I may still make one for making sake.

Of course, for the After shots, I will measure the same sections. The front and back ones are always in the same spots- with my ear as a landmark/ marking point.

Me I’m just happy that I’ve reached weave length, I can cut all this off now and package and sell as 8-inch Extra Virgin Afro Kinky Hair, hit me up if you want to buy! LOL

My 2nd Hairversary is coming up and I catch myself wishing I had more length to show for it like some of my “mates”. Then I remind myself that this is a journey, I’ve identified my setbacks, I made a plan and so far, I’m sticking to it. I’m just going to keep on loving my hair, and let it respond to the love in its own way.

Length aside, my hair is in a very happy place right now. It is super soft, shining bright like a diamond, and cooperating with all my products. I’m very happy, very happy indeed! πŸ™‚

Fingers crossed,




11 thoughts on “Length Check!

    • These photos were taken last Thursday, two days before I started taking the vitamins.
      I got a one month supply (of the vitamins) so in 24 more days, it’ll be finished. Then, I’ll do another Length check to see if they helped with growth.


  1. you go girl! we are in the same canoe o. I am 3 years and 1 month natural and I don’t even no what the measurement is and frankly I am not interested or maybe I am just lazy? Most of my age mates (in hair terms lol) can do elaborate styles including buns with their hair, if only my thickness would allow…*sigh* but some people are looking for this thickness so I will not complain πŸ™‚


  2. So happy for you on your hair progress . I am looking out For The results. I’m just over 5 months natural anD I’m slowly and patiently waiting for my hair to grow .


  3. Honestly the way some people think they can make rules for other people’s hair is tiring. What does it matter if someone wants to use tape or shirt or a metre rule in fact?
    2 thumbs up on your healthy, shiny hair jare. That is definitely where it’s at. Curious to see your results


  4. LOL @ selling your 8″ hair.
    AB, I don’t see anything wrong in using a measuring tape, different strokes for different folks.
    I have one and I still measure my 2.2″ hair on a monthly basis and it gives accurate results. I can’t buy or make a length check t-shirt since my hair isn’t SL yet.
    Your hair is at a great place and I agree, you should be happy!


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