PH Naturals Stand Up!

Hello beautiful people!

I come to you today with good news for the sistahood in Port Harcourt!

You can now get your hair product fix at Fros and Cornrows Natural Hair Hangout!

Visit the Hangout at 45 Evo Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

A wide range of Natural hair Products and accessories awaits you:

1. Essential oils,

2. Base oils (Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba, Grapeseed)

3. Natural butters- shea butter, cocoa butter

4. Ayurvedic Oils and Clays

5. Natural hair brands including Cantu, Shea Moisture, Giovanni, Oyin Handmade, Eco Styler, As I Am, Aubrey Organics, Elasta QP and Kinky Curly!

6. More specifically, Wild Growth Hair Oil, Body Art Quality Henna, and the famous Luster S-Curl Activator!

7. Satin bonnets, Hair accessories, and Hair tools.

And get this, a salon is in the works!

Sounds like you guys have it made!! Keep your eyes on the Hangout, and go see if they don’t have what you need.

Don’t keep this to yourself, share this, spread the word to fellow PH Naturals and if you aren’t based in Port Harcourt, share with the PH people you know!

For more information about Where to Find natural hair friendly products and salons in Nigeria, do visit the Directory.
If you’re a Natural hair friendly business and you’re not on the list, just leave a comment or email & you’ll be putting yourself out there for the people that need you to find you!
If your favourite shop or salon isn’t on the list, let me know too. This is a collective effort, we are helping each other! 🙂

If you’re in a city or town with no products, don’t fret. We’re planning a little something to help you out too. 😉


27 thoughts on “PH Naturals Stand Up!

  1. Woop woop wooop.
    1) hope it’s not gonna be the unusual expensive Port Harcourt prices.
    2) could be great if you sent a list of what you stock and prices.
    3) any discount? Esp for us kinkandi-ers.

    Kiss kiss.


    • Naturals in ph? That’s nice. In my 2 years in ph I saw a total of 1 natural lady.. so I don’t go out much and weaves and braids etc. But 1 in 2year. I just kept staring at her hair. I’m sure she was thinking “there goes another one baffled with my hair”…


  2. One more thing, is your cocoa butter unrefined?

    Then, a general question to all… What vitamin do you recommend I take for my hair? Specific brands pls.


  3. Hello Everyone! “it is great news isn’t it! our city PH is very unique and we naturals are still a very special set of people aren’t we! We are going to have our own hangout where we can meet,discuss, get support and be pampered and our hair loved! it will be warm and cosy and is really something to look forward to! Watch this space!
    The Hair Products Store is open for business and we stock a wide range! More Product lines being added daily! @DT looking forward to seeing you! @ Franzeeta lol! prices are affordable and you will always have the best of the best available 2-4-7! Promos and discounts will eventually form part of the works with time! Will work on a comprehensive list and send to AB! The Cocoa Butter is 100% unrefined yes! its all good stuff! no Bad! *yay* For your question on Vitamins Natrol Biotin and Hairfinity are good vitamins and will be in stock shortly!


  4. Hi ibinabo, I tried to locate the place yesterday but didnt find it. The shop I saw at No 45 Evo road sells ethical stuff. I have forgotten the name of the place but its ust before Bridge Clinic or am I making a mistake?


    • Hello Ella! yes you were at the right place (itoby’s culture mix). Its temporarily housing all the natural products while we are rounding up on Fros and Cornrows grand opening! Salon et all. Please stop in at itobys for hair products for now!


    • Hi Ella! Yes you were at the right place. i’m housing the hair products in itobys culture mix while we are preparing for the grand opening of Fros and Cornrows! Looking forward to you stopping by again!


      • Hi, I came by on a Saturday, past 5 or so and the place looked like it was being renovated and was locked up. Are you still there or you moved? I’ll be returning to ph next week and I really need to get some stuff.. Thank you..


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