Hey AB, I Want Darker Hair!

Okay so my hair was actually very dark but changed a little. Would you advice I use a dye to make it darker?


(P.S. My friend Amaka big chopped this year and is currently rocking a twa. Her hair looks like Color 2 right now, and I believe her aim is Color 1 or 1B. Colour chart below)


Hair Colour Chart. Source: Qlassy Extensions

First of all, I must say that I’ve never thought about this, or tried to do this myself, so I had to think and reach out for answers to this one:

1. Patience is an option.

In my relaxed days, my hair was brown. From far, you’d think it was black but as my mom early observed, only Color 4 of Expressions was the perfect fit for us. Color 4 as in, the often hard-to-find dark brown almost black shade of Expressions braiding hair. Made slightly brighter in natural/artificial light, but it was definitely brown. See what I’m saying:

Relaxed/Transitioning Days. See what I said about the colour?

2011 or 2012. see my kinky roots are a little darker than the rest of my hair?

Towards my 1st natural hair anniversary last year, I was reflecting on my healthy hair journey when I noticed my hair was not Color 4 anymore. It was closer to black, and has become darker since then! I wasn’t even trying to get darker hair, it just happened. That’s why I suggest you could just go about your healthy hair journey, and see if your hair darkens. Especially because you once had darker hair than you have now.

2. There are natural means you could try.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any general agreement on the subject of coloring hair black naturally. Mostly suggestions of tea, coffee, sage, walnuts- I didn’t see any real testimonies. Chinwe (also known on the interwebs as Loo)- Black Girl Long Hair contributor and a hair blogger I can say I trust, has waded in the water, and you can see some recipes she considered in this post over at her blog here.

I love JBCO, I think it is everything! Jamaican Black Castor Oil in addition to encouraging growth, softness and improving the overall health of hair is also said to give darker hair colour. It’s something worth trying, you just have to be consistent with your applications. Say, 3 times a week on your scalp, for 6-12 weeks.


2014, black black

3. You can dye it

My grandma (bless her soul) did not joke with her NaturVital dyes. This brand has been there since childhood, I still see it on shelves today and I don’t recall her having any problems. But I did some web surfing, and I see that many people have allergic reactions to PPD, a common element in chemical dyes. I am so not a professional on this, so don’t quote me!

In the alternative, Curlfriend Natmane of Deep Brown & Kinks,suggests Henna-Indigo dye. In recent times, more people are wary of chemicals so I think this is the better option. You can Henna-Indigo dye yourself. For more about Henna-Indigo Dyeing, you can go here.

I don’t mean to scare you but please remember that people can be bad. MeeMee had an allergic reaction to some henna tattoo she got months ago. It wasn’t her first interaction with henna so let’s just say there is henna and there is henna. I’ve also seen henna with more than one ingredient (that is, not 100% henna) being advertised on the web. Try to get yours from a sure source, and a patch test is a good idea. Mix your dye and put a little bit of it on a small part of your skin and leave for a while to see if you have an allergic reaction.

Olori is running a sale right now, you can get 100gms of Henna for 250 naira here, and 100gms of Indigo for 400 naira here!

Whether you are using chemical dye or vegetable dye (e.g. henna), dyeing is a very stressful process for your hair, and it can leave it feeling very weak, brittle, & super thirsty. You need to pay special attention to those moisture and protein levels.

Its best that your hair is in great shape before you dye, please wash and deep condition, and after your dyeing process, make sure you follow immediately with a good deep conditioning treatment, and do not joke with deep conditioning in the weeks to follow.

I hope this helps!

So ladies, have you ever darkened your hair? What helped and what didn’t? Please help Amaka in the comments! Thanks and God bless ❤




16 thoughts on “Hey AB, I Want Darker Hair!

  1. My mum has been dying her hair black for as long as I can remember. She uses Bigen dye and then Natur Vital black hair mask to maintain it in between dye applications. She has no problems with it as far as I know. Patience also can play a huge role; like AB, my hair has darkened(taken on its true colour; relaxers tend to make people’s hair brown from my observation)


  2. Yeah, I agree with you. Always thought my hair was a dirty combo of two and four before; Sorta dirty brown colour that showed light highlights under the sun (atleast, that was what school mates told me back then) until I went natural I discovered I was a true mix of 1 and 2.


  3. Very good tips. I’ve toyed with dyeing my hair. I feel like it’s a 2 now, and I prefer 1B, so the change won’t be that much. But the fear of damaging my hair won’t let me do it.


  4. My natural hair was colour 1b, my mum raved about it. I relaxed it eventually and loved how dark it was. Then it started to get damaged some years ago and I watched in horror as my once colour 1b hair became a dirty brown I couldn’t place (sorry for the drama :p).
    It darkened again as I went along in my hhj. It’s now colour 1b/2 and I like, but I do hope to have my full 1b back as I transition back to natural. So I agree with AB, just wait and see before you make the decision to dye it.


  5. Oo I forgot to mention, some products contain stuff that are good, but might lighten your hair: chamomile, honey, lemon, lime- with repeated use can lighten hair and are usually recommended for blondes. It might be worth looking into


  6. Thank you AB for posting this and thank you all for the advice and comments. A little patience wouldn’t hurt. I remember the times I used dye for my hair, I think it made it weaker and I had hair all over my pillow every morning even tho it gave me the look I wanted.


  7. Be patient. I noticed that immediately I stopped applying relaxers very often to my hair, it became very black. I used to go 6 to 8 months without relaxers and my hair was really nice and all. So just be patient and give the hair sometime…..at least 8 months to 1 year. If you do not notice any change then you can try the vegetable dye options. Hope this helps.


  8. Love your blog. So much information. Please keep up the good work. With regards dye, I love colour. No black or dark colour for me. Even when my hair was relaxed I dyed it. Now my hair is in its natural state, I still dyed it. I do not joke with deep conditioning (let me borrow your words) Never experienced damage. It does take commitment. If one chooses the dye route be prepared to committ to taking special care of your hair to avoid. damage. A lot of ladies are lazy when it comes to taking good care of their hair ( relaxed or virgin hair).


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  10. I also believed or rather convinced myself my hair was colour 6. Now it has grown back without relaxers and the colour is between 1 and 2.


  11. Black tea is what I’d recommend. Applying it everyday (from a spray bottle) should darken the hair overtime.
    My hair used to be very brown-ish when I was relaxed, now it’s looking darker however I still prefer brown hair 😥


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