Save the Date- Capital Naturals 3!!

Capital Naturals Hair Meet Up(1)

Hey y’all!

It’s almost that time of the year when beautiful ladies gather to bond over this thing that we love so much, yes you know it, *drum roll*, HAIR!!

Natural Nigerian, NatMane (Deepbrown & Kinks) and Bibi Naturals bring Capital Naturals to the Capital city (obvs)- Abuja, for the third time! Write it down in your diary, set reminders with your smartphones, you want to be at this meet-up on May 31.

When the official flyer with the full agenda is out, you’ll see it here too. But for now, if you’d like to sponsor this jolly meeting, or have a stand as a vendor, do any giveaways or advertising, email:

In fact, I think later this week, I should tell you guys why hair meet-ups rock!

Till then, you could see these old posts about past meet-ups: Naturals In The City 6 (Lagos, July 2013) and Capital Naturals 1 (Abuja, November 2012) here and here.

ALL hair types are welcome. 🙂




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