Keeping It Simple: ‘Brush’

Hey guys!

I have a question. How do you wear your kinks to work?

This has been a problem of mine for a while. Not because I’m struggling to be professional or acceptable or any of that, but because I really don’t know how!

In Nigeria, to appear in (Superior) court, lawyers must wear wigs. Nothing about your person is supposed to be distracting. Ideally, your hair should be tucked neatly under the wig. I hate that finding hairstyles, I have to keep this leftover colonial practice in mind. Though there aren’t any fashion police for strict enforcement, I think the wig as annoying as it is, has a certain dignity to it. If you’re going to wear it, you may as well wear it right. Lawyer wearing a wig over here.

Because of the wig, the ideal hair style should be something you can easily flatten, or pack to hold it together, like a low bun. Twist outs and braid-outs are okay, but wearing the wig smooshes them and I don’t like this. The slightest disturbance to my twist outs = frizz. Last week, I wasn’t in the mood to disturb my hair, and I knew plain fro would be too big for the wig to sit properly. My low-bun is so not there yet, trust me I’ve tried. 😦

My hair was nicely stretched one Monday morning from threading over the weekend, that I wrote about in Monday’s post here. I asked my lovely roomie F to help me put my nicely stretched hair in two big cornrows. Do they still call this ‘Brush’? 🙂

I tucked the ends in and secured them at the base of the braids with two bobby pins.




Smooth and Silky, from my heatless stretch with African Threading :)

Smooth and Silky, from my heatless stretch with African Threading 🙂

I wore my hair like this for 3 days. I didn’t get any compliments, but no complaints either. I like this, and it may be one of my go-to styles (when I learn to cornrow or flat twist). It’s simple, very functional, quick, easy and I think it’s cute. It’s also a low-manipulation protective hair style, your hair and especially your ends are on holiday.

For more fabulous options lol I think you can check youtube for the Goddess braid, Milkmaid braid, etc. It’s prettier with flat twists though.

Short term goal: learn to flat-twist!

On the (temporary) bright side to my styling dilemma, I change departments in 10 days, and I won’t need to go to court in my new place.

How do you style your hair to work? 🙂





6 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple: ‘Brush’

  1. Woo! Fellow barrister over here. I wear a wash and go twa, and the wig leaves it dented and flattened in the most unattractive way. I usually accompany a very senior (very impatient!) male colleague and often feel self conscious when I try to fluff my fro with my fingers after court. Cornrows may just be the answer, but it is something I’ve tried to avoid because I’m very tender headed. We’ll see.


  2. nice one AB. when I was relaxed, I use to do this a lot. my mum calls it my beauty style in that there’s this unique beauty it gives to me all the time. when I first did the big chop, her first comment was, “what about ur beauty style? does that mean you won’t do dat again?” lol. can’t wait for my curls to grow out for me to rock it once again. missed it greatly


  3. Hi! I’m Nigerian-American in Texas…my job in public health doesn’t have any restrictions or obstacles in terms of hairstyle (besides being well-groomed) so I usually wear out a twist out (either singles or flat-twists) for the week: down, pinned up, in a puff, and lately in a bit of an afro. It’s cool you want to learn to flat-twist. I learned from a YouTube video…the end result is not as neat as it could be, but I know I could use a lot more practice!

    I love those two big cornrolls! I’ve been seeing them on others lately, looking lovely as yours do in these photos. I need to practice that style.


  4. Someone did two strand twists this week for me , its the first time I’m doing this and I love it ! Most of my colleagues liked it too. I think I’m going to be sticking with These twists as my go tO style for a while!


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