Dear AB…

Ekene's day


Get your updos on; throw your curl formers in the air; spray your essential oils… our AB is a year older today!

Short history lesson…

The last time AB had all her dear friends and most family present at her birthday was at least six years ago. The girl just likes to make friends that don’t reside where she will be at the time of her birthday. Anyway, seeing as another year has come by and we cannot all be there to celebrate with her together, we have decided to come together and throw AB a virtual surprise birthday party!

Dancing time!!!

Okay, now it’s time to sit down with your steaming plates of party jollof rice and read the heartfelt toasts from the people that will be turning up individually for AB wherever they are today.



Dearest Adaobi…

As two young women taking on an adventure in a new town, you’ve made the journey much more worthwhile.  You’re by all means the best housemate, partner in crime, wingman and crew ever!!! We’ve seen,  still seeing; we’ve conquered and we’re still conquering. I’m glad you’ve been my friend for the last six years and I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives as friends. I love you eternally, dear African Butterfly and I hope this year brings with it many adventures and beautiful memories.



Hey, Roomie of life!

You are getting old oh. You’re no more sweet 16 sorry.

Birthdays are all about celebration and appreciation. I wanna thank God for bringing you into my life some 7 yrs ago. I’m glad I did baza and accosted you in new Brunei salon. 😁

You’ve taught me a lot, made me a truly better person and been there when I needed you. If this doesn’t make you a truly wonderful friend then I want my money back. 😒

You’re such a beautiful person; you are kind, smart, you have your wits about you like all the time. Passionate, hardworking, fit. Ugh!

You know, one of those perfect people we read about in fiction🙎

Hey Kenzo mama. Here’s to you. Hoping you have a very happy birthday;  one as special as you are. Sucks I’m not there with you, but I’m sending you all my love.

Happy birthday our African butterfly!




I was so excited when Marilyn told me about this idea because I was like YASSS. I can spazz and not worry about nothing.  I even planned to write you a poem.  But when I finally started typing, I realised, no talent yet, but I promise, along the course of our friendship I will come up with the perfect poem for you. But until then, here is a speech, a vote of thanks in appreciation of your entire being, Kenzo.

There are kind people, and then there’s you, Ekene

There are optimistic people, and then there’s you, Ekene

There are people who see the best in people, non-judgmental people and then there’s you, Ekene

There are accommodating people, people who tolerate others, and then there’s you, Ekene

If there was a standard for how a perfect person should be, you’d be my standard. You are the most beautiful soul I’ve met; the right measure of good and bad.  You’re beautiful inside out and I’m not just saying this because you promised to home school my two children alongside yours. I’m saying this and more because, you are amazing. Not just amazing, but you’re contagiously amazing; you infect the people around you with your awesomeness.

So, I’m taking this time out to say a big thank you for being my friend, and for all the exciting things that you have consciously or unconsciously taught me. I thank you for being an inspiration, for supporting me, gassing me up, and feeding me. And finally, I want to thank you and your entire family for having me. I always thought you were the nicest person in the world, but then I met your mum, my best babe. You guys are an amazing set of people and I cannot stop thanking God for blessing me with the Chuks-Okekes. Happy Birthday, Miss June. I wish you the best my Phenomenal woman, although your best days are yet to come. And thank you Marilyn for giving me this opportunity to write a thank you note to our friend. 10xxx. lol! Peace out guys. #BringBackOurGirls #BringPlantainToSouthAfrica #NoDodoInSouthAfrica #IMissWestAfrica #HoldOnImComingHome #NothingIsReallyTheSameAnymore


That was Lu, ladies & gentlemen. I think the alomo bitters kicked in towards the end of her speech. Forgive her.


Ekene boo,

My one and only kenzo baby!!! One of the purest hearts I know!!! A real friend that’s always got my back (even when I’m wrong… lol). A friend that sees only the best in people!!! Words cannot explain how much I love u b!!!

I pray you get all you wish for on this special day hun, may God keep and bless you. More happiness!! More $$!! More “bonding” ;)!!! Turn up to the max!!! Even if it’s a Monday 😛 !!! I’ll be turning up here in St Lucia!!! 😀

Happy Birthday Darling!!!

Lots of love…




Can’t believe we’ve been friends for so many years and still counting, you have been that controversial sweet bitch that would always want FILMED to build loads of memories and will always keep them. To say everything about you is spectacular is an understatement – your sneeze inclusive Lmao. I can recognize that sneeze even when I’m at the far end of the class. Don’t wanna get started on the sexy meals u treat me with, secretly think it’s because you know how much I adore pretty meals, which goes to say so much about how much you love me. I probably don’t tell you enough, but today gives me another opportunity to remind you that I have always loved you, still love you and will always love you. The other day I was going through some old pictures and realised, you’ve always been a part of my beautiful memories and not so many go through life knowing someone as beautiful as you. Happy birthday, Kenke aka Dili Chuks #turnt# paint Cali red or black for us.



Hello African butterfly,

I just want to wish my birthday month girl a very Happy Birthday, more years and your heart desires. I’m lucky to have met such an amazing person.

Hope you have a lovely day, even though you don’t have all your friends around you to celebrate this day with you, you just need to know we all love you and miss you so dearly.

How awesome would it have been to be able to give you a hug and see you smile on your birthday.

Miss you a lot and hopefully will see you soon.




Happy birthday to my fashionista and actual role model, Kenkelebiz! When I remember all our childhood wrestlemania battles, I just thank God for growth. Lmao. I never hesperred that we’d have the relationship we have today. I love you so much, EJames, and I thank God every day for you because you’re such a blessing to me (and everyone who knows you). Happy birthday again,  nwannem. Turn up for da musketeer team!




Started from the bottom…

Before I allow the DJ turn up the music, I have a few words of my own to share. Twelve years ago, when I met her for the first time, I did not have the slightest inclination that we will be here today. She thought I was one thing and I thought she was another… both things that we didn’t think would make us friends. And then nine years ago, I got to really know who she was and I haven’t stopped wanting to talk to her every day ever since.

Seeing what everyone has to say about you just makes me feel so proud in a way that one does, when the world discovers something that you believe you discovered first. Your convictions and can-do attitude inspire me all the time and I cannot wait for the rest of the world to experience all that you have to offer. Thank you for being my best friend; for being there round the clock; for never ever judging me; for trusting me with you. Distance ain’t got nu’un on us yo! And so as you grow closer to getting a head full of glorious grey like Mama Ng’s, I pray that your old dreams become realities and that you have the courage to dream new dreams. we're here

…now we’re here

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AB!!! And I hope I speak for every reader when I say Thank You for the time you put into bringing us The Kink and I.

Alright people, let’s get this party started and celebrate our dear African Butterfly!

Mee mee




19 thoughts on “Dear AB…

  1. Hurray,AB I have not met u,I wish to meet u somday. She actually gave me a free ticket to see Felicia last year.May u grow n shine now n always.wishin u all d best.where d pari @?Do hav a fab day.


  2. Your friends are adorable. This is so precious! Happy birthday baby girl! May your kinks never suffer breakage, may your fro retain moisture, may your coils stay popping forever. Amen!


  3. Wow! Just got around to reading this mail today, and I’m like…. WHAT!!! All these wonderful words for just one person! But then i realize, SHE’S WORTH IT!! It’s not beans to actually keep a blog going, and one reason i love THE KINK AND I, is cause of how practical and honest you are about being natural in Naija… Haven’t met you in person, but i believe every word your friends have put down about you. Here is wishing you the best life has to offer and greater avenues to show the world that you’re indeed a GEM.. Stay blessed!


  4. Wow this is so beautiful… you have such wonderful friends and obviously you’re an amazing person to have people come together to drop all these touching lines. Wish you all the best 🙂


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