Product Review: Jessicurl Confidence Collection + Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil



Hello Beauts!

I come again bearing another product review, this time for your viewing and listening pleasure! Yes, I made a video. In the video below, I review the four products in the Jessicurl confidence collection and Jessicurl’s stimulating scalp massage oil. In general, I was pleased with most of these products and would definitely recommend a couple based on personal experience.

To find and buy these products…

Visit Olori in Nigeria


Visit Jessicurl for US-based shipping and information on international locations.

How much of a hole will these bore in my pocket?

Hair Cleansing Cream – #3,450 / $16.95

Too Shea! Extra Moisturising Conditioner – #3,450 / $16.95

Deep Conditioning Treatment – #3,450 / $16.95

Confident Coils – #3,450 / $16.95

Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil – #2,600 / $11.95

So, go on beauts, click play and enjoy the video!


– Mee mee


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Jessicurl Confidence Collection + Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil

  1. Thank you so much 4 dis post. Been searching everywhere for a place to gt d pdts i use in naij. Do u by any chance know where to get pure unrefined coconut oil, saw ur tutorial and am sceptical bout mking it. Also am transitioning by growing out and my hair gets so thick and a pain to comb, any tips on softners?


  2. you dont say? here i was begging americana 4c hair bloggers to review jessicurl products and right under my very nose you were cooking up a review. this just made my day, absolutely!


  3. the deep conditioner is my jam!my hair loves it…yes, i took the plunge and bought the deep conditioner without watching a product review, talk about faith! the darn thing costs a total of £17 pounds (plus delivery) but i will definitely buy it again and again and again. you will probably like the citrus lavender scent, it is subtle.


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