Dry Twist & Curl


Hey guys!

On and off, for three weeks now, I’ve been wearing my hair in this style, le Twist & Curl.

I got the idea from โ€˜Better Than Good Hairโ€™ (love this book by the way!!) and itโ€™s really simple.

What You Need

Twisting product (leave-in, butter, just oil, whatever you like to useI’ve been using Midas Naturals’ Whipped Shea Butter. Review soon)

Flexi rods (a.k.a. Bendy Rollers)

Bobby pins (optional)

What To Do

Step 1: Twist your hair with your styling product.


I do my twists on moisturised dry hair previously stretched with Thread.. To get volume on my not-long hair, I do over 20, but not more than 30 twists. I like a side parting, so I twist accordingly.

*In other news, my twists are getting better* ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 2: Roll the twists around your bendy rollers (flexi rods).


I average 3-4 twists to one flexi rod. I have just 10 flexi rods, and I end up using 8, 9 or 10. Because of the length of my hair or perhaps my rolling technique, by the time I’m done rolling some twists, some ends may still stick out, so I pin such twists down to the base with my bobby pins, to secure them. (The whiteness in front is from the leave-in conditioner I heavily laid on my dry dry edges.)

Step 3: Leave to Set

In ‘Better Than Good Hair’, it is recommended to leave to set for at least 5 hours. I do this at night so I just scarf up till I’m ready to go to work the next morning.

Itโ€™s best to do this on dry or damp hair because for good definition, when you unravel, your hair should be dry. If your hair isnโ€™t dry by the next morning, a quick blast of your blow dryer (gently now) should finish up. Unravelling a twist out that isn’t dry will rubbish your efforts & leave you with poofy hair (in my case, in just a matter of minutes)

Step 4: Unravel.

First, take out your bendy rollers.


Then, oil your fingers (this helps reduce frizz) carefully undo your twists and then gently separate your twist out.


Step 5: Arrange your hair the way you like and youโ€™re good to go!

For work, I use long bobby pins to pin the sides of my hair flat, allowing the curls only from around my ear. To do this, I use 2 bobby pins per side. Put them in opposite directions of each other for strong hold. Like so:

You can use a pin to hold your bangs the way you want, or let the hair fly!ย  Itโ€™s your choice, really.

This style is both pretty and easy, donโ€™t you think?

Even after humidity swells the hell out of it, at the end of the work day, it still looks good.

Maintenance: To maintain, I repeat the entire process. I usually use a little more twisting product, but you don’t have to. It’s a little poofier without additional product, though. See the difference. Day 3 hair, re-twisted & curled without product:

Another week: Day 2 hair, re-twisted & curled with a little more twisting product:

Time: This takes me an hour every time. Not too bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you tried this? Do you do it better? ๐Ÿ˜‰




(P.S. Thank you sooo much for the birthday wishes! It was a perfect day! xo)

23 thoughts on “Dry Twist & Curl

    • Thanks Ebun! You totally should. Hm. I’ve seen rods thicker than the ones I used, but mine are definitely not the smallest. I just borrowed the ones my roomie uses to curl her weave. The smaller the better I think. As small as you can find.


  1. I like!
    (Ugh. Some days I want my hair to remain at TWA level because it’s wayyy easier to detangle. Other days I see hair like yours, and I want a magic potion to elongate mine asap.)
    Is it uncomfortable to sleep on those flexi rods?


  2. I was on dreads but cut if off in march.trying to keep my natural hair.its not been easy though.my hair is really shedding abi cutting ni.I really spend time,energy and money but no positive result o.please help


  3. I just discovered this blog and I looove it. I don’t know much about all these styles in natural hair and I am just getting to appreciate mine. I would love to try different styles like this one but I don’t know how you got the twists in the first pic. Can you tell more pleeeaassee


  4. Now that’s a very beautiful hair style right there AB. Who says natural hair chics can’t have fun with their hair? The beauty of it all; the styles are boundless.
    But I wonder; how do you preserve the curls overnight? Do you re – twist, place bendy rollers every night? In my case, I re – twist my hair every night before I sleep. Also, do you think applying gel lightly will help keep the curls? My hair has a mind of its own and puffs up after about 3hrs.
    Sorry for so many questions. And thanks for your response.
    Thanks for your response.


    • Ooopps!
      Just read your post again; you did explain how you maintain the style. #eyes closed in shame#
      I would still like to know what you think about applying a little gel.
      Thanks again


      • Lol hello!!

        I haven’t used gel on dry hair before, but I did see a video on youtube, someone successfully did a twist out on dry hair, with hair butter & gel. So by all means, try it. That’s the best way to find out ๐Ÿ™‚

        Generally speaking though, I’m curious about what product(s) you use to twist since you say your hair puffs after 3 hours. Products rich in humectants (first 3 or first 5 ingredients), most commonly glycerin, draw moisture into the hair and so if you use them to style in our super humid environment (70-98% humidity) I don’t think you can reasonably expect lasting definition.


  5. I will copy!! Looking for ‘acceptable’ hairstlyes is a struggle.. I’ve been doing regular twistouts but pinning the back and leaving the front as a bang!

    Im gonna copy! Thanks for the idea, natural hair maintenance is like going to school, I’m teaching myself flattwists etc lol!


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