Hairspiration!: Rachel


Hey beauts! You didn’t think we forgot about Hairspiration today, did you? We have the pleasure of bringing you Rachel’s hair today.


Hi Rachel! Tell us about you?

Holla everyone I am Rachel Asakome and I am a natural hair enthusiast and blogger at  I am also on my way to becoming a crazy nature lady 🙂 !! Organic living all the way.

What inspired you to return to natural (that is, if you haven’t been natural your whole life)?

Well I wasn’t really inspired to go natural, I was forced! The hair at the back of my head literally just fell off! Lol, so I cut it all off and started growing it again. What inspired me to stay natural however, was the show ‘good hair‘. I was amazed to see how hair in general caused so much self-esteem issues for black women. I just felt like I should prove to everyone how excellent natural hair is.

photo 3

How was the change received? Family/ friends? Other people?

My family was totally cool with it, they didn’t applaud me and they didn’t hate it. Their reaction was quite indifferent, but they do applaud my long natural hair. One of my good friends helped me cut my hair so among my friends the natural thing was fine. Now the reactions from the general public, were comical. I got the “so you don’t comb your hair”, squeezed faces from salon girls going “do you want to relax it”, some male friends “is this hair! Relax it”!! lol

 Tell us about your mane. Does he/she/it have a name? How many years have you been natural?  >>>>4b. How would you classify your hair if you had to? (length, porosity, texture, density, curl pattern, (if you’re into hair science)

I think my hair  has 3 textures although its mainly 4b. Its 4C at the sides, 4a at the back and on the crown and other areas its 4b. It doesn’t really have a name. I refer to it as my baby; I have been natural for about 5 years. However, my hair care journey begun about 2 years ago.

photo 5

Are you a less-is-more person when it comes to your hair or do you go all out?

Well in terms of styling I am a less is more person, I go for the easiest and least manipulative protective styles. However, with my hair care, I go all out!!! I only use 100% organic products, I dry my hair with a cotton shirt instead of a towel, it takes me about 2 hours to detangle etc.

Do you follow a regimen? If yes, do share!

Well I spritz my hair with water at least once a day. Every three days I spritz my hair with water and follow up with a butter or oil of my choice to retain the moisture.

 I wash my hair in 2 stages once every two weeks first I do a black tea hair rinse, then follow up with my rhassoul clay shampoo . Then once a month I repeat this step but after the rhassoul clay I follow with a deep conditioner.

I always sleep with a satin cap, whether or not I have braids on. If I don’t have my hair in extensions, before bed I divide my hair into 4-6 sections and twist them up, spritz my hair with water and cover with a satin cap.

What are your staple products?

 My staple products are Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Bamboo Milk (New), Coconut Oil, Jamaican black castor oil and  Rhassoul Clay. Everything else comes and goes but these never change.

Shrinkage and you. Do you fight it or have you embraced it?

I embrace it, I actually love shrinkage! It means I can style my hair in a puff and keep my hair moisturized for longer. When my hair is stretched I usually can’t use water based moisturisers, which in the long term does not work for me.

photo 1

Tell us two things your hair cannot do without:

Hmmmm…….. water and my new bamboo milk leave in conditioner!

Does your hair have any dislikes?

Well I don’t think my hair likes bentonite clay, I have used it a few times and I get rubbish results always!! Lol

How do you like to wear your hair?

I like wearing my hair in any sort of twisted up do. They are usually the easiest things for me to do.

Are you facing any hair challenges right now or bad habits you’re trying to break?

Not particularly. I have broken most of my bad habits, like my hand- in- hair syndrome.

photo 4

What do you love the most about your hair? What do you like the least?

I love the versatility of my hair the most, the fact that it can for from 3 inches to 10 inches in a few hours is pretty cool.  I have a lot of freedom with my hair. The least favourite thing about my hair its amazing ability to get tangled!!!

What is your hair to you? Has going natural changed you in any way?

My hair is my crown and I love it!!! No being natural hasn’t really changed me, I suppose it has made me for confident and comfortable with my looks.

Have you received any negativity from others towards your hair? How did/do you deal?

Yes I have received negative comments as mentioned above, but I usually ignore them. If I feel particularly mean and the negative commentator has no hair, I generally laugh and point out that perhaps going natural will help them.

Do you have any hair goals- short or long term?

Not really, I just want healthy hair. My goal was BSL (Bra Strap Length) but I am almost there, so……

photo 2

Before you go, could you share a tip or trick or a remedy you’ve tried & tested in your journey so far?

I have been using black tea rinse for about 6 weeks now and I find that it has really reduced my shedding. So a good way to reduce shedding will be the black tea rinse.

Any last words to anyone considering going natural or a new natural?

Accept that your natural hair wont behave like relaxed hair. There will be ups and downs but it will be totally worth it in the end.

Do you have a blog, twitter, instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?

My blog is, Instagram and twitter handle @beautifullynapy

Thank you Rachel for sharing your fabulous hair with us. Love it!

Have a brilliant weekend, guys.

Mee mee



8 thoughts on “Hairspiration!: Rachel

  1. I’m sure these hair events have been going on for a while but I’m mainly based in Europe so I’m pretty clueless about Lagos Socials. Anyhoo, i was in Lagos a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised to see these Natural Hair Meet Ups, its something I’ll definitely try to attend next time I’m in town!


  2. Love Rachel’s hair and hairstyles!
    My favourite part of the interview was where she said “accept that your natural hair won’t behave like relaxed hair” Couldn’t agree more, best advice!



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