Hey guys!

How are you? 🙂

I spent the weekend with my family and one of my best girls (hadn’t seen her in months!) My baby brother graduated, to the glory of God! I wish my break was longer *sob sob* lol, but I’m back at work, and with nothing to do today, I just thought I’d show you my hair did. I had one good hair day, and one bad not so good one.

On Saturday, my twist out was not the best, but I happily rocked it like that. *bbm not interested smiley*

20140714-073944-27584267.jpgAnd on Sunday, I combed my hair out, with a parting to the side. Lord knows the good old plain fro is still the funkiest thing, in my book. 😀


Interestingly, almost all the boys in the graduating class wore fros. A parting here, a parting there, a little fade to the sides, or combed forward. I know parents would have preferred them with sharp low cuts lol (there were comments) but of course, I loved it.




#Dassall. Special announcement soon. Watch out!! 😉

How was your weekend? Tell me about it!




36 thoughts on “#HairofTheWeekend

  1. There’s no worse feeling then taking down a twist out & not being happy with it..ugh! But you rocked both hairstyles very well 🙂 Happy to hear you had an awesome weekend! Looking forward to more posts!

    A new follower, Naturalista Neff


  2. that first pic! ur hair looked amaze-balls. and i think i know what to sew for a family event i am going for next month-iro and buba! i am not sure yet but that pic of u in the iro and buba is so nice….and then, i have those crucufix earrings too! or “used to”. one of em broke-dont know how that happened lol


  3. Fro envy-you and your brother(congrats to him).your family is beautiful.
    Any contact number for the port harcourt natural product shop please,still can’t locate it.struggling with my little fro


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