Crochet Braids Again

Hellurrrr guys!

Just a quick hair update. I’m wearing crochet braids again. This time, I used 2 packs of Noble Afro Kinky (or was it Afro Twist?) Braid. The hair cost me 750 naira a pack at Marian Market.

My ever helpful roommate F did my cornrows and I attached the hair myself, with the aid of a big bobby pin. It took me 3 episodes of Once Upon A Time,that is, about 2 hours to do my crochet braiding.


This is easily my fave hair style yet! It’s super protective, easy to do, looks lovely & is in perfect agreement with my inner #RastaMama. And rainy season is in full swing. It can get really cold & this is the only time of year I’m really happy about having big hair to warm my neck! One week down, three or four more to go.


I wrote about how to do this in an old post from February over here.Β In it, you can seeΒ the Jouelzy YouTube tutorial I followed.

Still, I’ll put up a picture tutorial soon. If you have any questions about how to achieve and maintain this style, feel free to ask!




P.S. 57 days to ‘Natural in Paradise!’, Calabar’s First Natural Hair Meet Up! Natural Nigerian and I are hosting! Please register over here! It’d only take two minutes! tell your friends too! πŸ˜€

23 thoughts on “Crochet Braids Again

  1. Your hair looks lovely! Was wondering if I could the Noble Kinky or Noble Afro Twist braid to make kinky twists? P.S: Ur blog is a huge help! πŸ™‚


  2. Hiii… I love the way your hair turned out. I’ve tried it once and it was a mess so I have a few questions please. Err, did you have to divide each chunk of afro hair before installing it? Plus did you make some parts more scanty than others? I would love some kind of tutorial. Pretty please? ;;)


    • hey Busola! Thank you πŸ™‚
      No, I didn’t divide each strand of kinky hair before installing.
      The first 2 times I did this, I had like 14 cornrows, and because the marley/kinky hair is so bulky, it would have been crazy to do them all. So I only used half the corn rows and the first time, I couldn’t pack the hair up because everything was in front and in the middle, The back was empty. 3rd time around though, I only made 5 or 6 cornrows. This let me install the hair equally on each cornrow. Tutorial will be up today πŸ™‚


    • Yes you can style it up! But the same rules for a weave apply to this. If you want to style it up, leave some of your hair out to make the “packing” look natural.
      Or you could style up with the aid of a scarf if you choose to not leave hair out.


      • Because of the difference in textures, it may not be the same look but- if you use a colour of kinky extensions similar to your hair, I think it’d blend. It should look good with hair left out. The worst that could happen is that people would be less inclined to believe it’s your hair, but I think it’s worth trying. It’d still look good. πŸ™‚


  3. Hello! I live in Calabar & have been transitioning for six months and counting. 3 of my friends transitioned before me and are spotting TWAs & medium length fros. Btw us instagram, youtube, facebook & some blogs is how we keep ourselves going. My friend was just wondering what hair to use for crochet braids and I shared this link with her. I’m happy you’re organising the Natural hair meet in Calabar & we’ll all be there. Cheers!


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