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Hi! My name is Afoma. I’m a medical student in Ukraine and I also like to write short fiction and a bit of poetry, most of which are featured on my blog (garra advertise, ya know *insert sloppy wink*) My family splits time between Abuja and Port Harcourt and I go to school in Ukraine so it’s hard to say where I live right now.

What inspired you to return to natural?
I was inspired to return to natural by bloggers like Ekene and all her hairspiration Fridays. For me, honestly, it was mostly curiosity; I had forgotten what my curls felt like and I wanted to rediscover. I was also immensely bored by relaxed hair and I just wanted something different and then I discovered ‘fro love on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr and my mind was made up.

Did you transition or big chop?
I transitioned from April to November last year (2013) when I big chopped, so counting from the date of BC, my mane is 9 months old and no, she doesn’t have a name… Yet.

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Tell us about your hair!
My hair is still a TWA and I’m not very into hair science but I’m guessing it’s 4C.

What’s your regimen? Are you a less is more person? Or do you go all out?

I’m definitely a less-is-more person! I don’t have a set-in-stone regimen but when my hair is out, I wash it once in two weeks with shampoo and co-wash once a week instead of daily spritzing. I can’t be bothered to wash my hair when it’s protectively styled.

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What are your Staple products?

Avocado oil, Indian hemp hair cream, natural Shea butter, castor oil and olive oil tea tree conditioner. I love VO5 shampoos and conditioners!

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Shrinkage, friend or foe?
I have embraced shrinkage! I love having my hair appear shrunken although people have started to question me regarding the true length of my hair, LOL. Of course there are times when I like to have my hair stretched because, longer hair= more shakara.

Two things your hair can’t do without:
Avocado oil and Olive oil tea tree conditioner.

And two things your hair REALLY doesn’t like:
My hair dislikes excessive manipulation and heat.

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Any bad hair habits you’re trying to break?
Hehe, my hair does not like to be bothered and touched excessively but guess who has ‘hand in hair’ syndrome? Yep, me. So I usually have scalp pain and excessive hair shedding when I stress my hair. But, working on it.

What is your hair to you?

Hair is really just hair to me. Cut it if you need to, color if you want to. Whatever. It will grow back as long as you’re healthy.

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Have you received negative comments because of your hair? How did you deal?

I haven’t received outright negativity but there are always people who say “when do you plan to relax your hair?” Or “this hair looks untidy”, I pretty much just smile and say I prefer my hair this way. 90% of the time, I have people say they love my hair and a few people have gone natural because they love my hair.

Any hair goals?

Ooh, I just want healthy hair! Hair that grows and doesn’t shed as much, lol.

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Could you share a tip you’ve tried and tested on your journey so far?

Hmm, I’m just an amateur, you guys, but I’ll say never comb your hair while it’s dry!

Any last words to the person thinking about going natural?

Do it for you. Really. It’s not the easiest undertaking, mostly because it’s a huge change from relaxed hair but if it’s something you want and love, then you’re good to go, naysayers or not! Enjoy nappy lovin’!

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More Afoma:

Twitter: @fro_walker

Tumblr: fro-walker

Instagram: miszjeanie



Thank you Afoma for sharing with us today!! 😀

Do check out her blogs guys, she writes so beautifully. ❤

If you’d like to be our hairspiration, all you have to do is say so! By sharing your hair story, you are inspiring and encouraging at least one person. Just leave a comment, or email, and it’s handled!

Happy Friday lovers!




15 thoughts on “Hairspiration! : Afoma

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  2. Wow. That is a lot of hair for nine months of growth. Great work Afoma :).

    AB, I was wondering though, do you only feature full naturals as Hairspiration or do you also consider transitioners cuz I would like to see some transitioners profiled, see their hair, read about how they are keeping strong, why they decided to transition, how long they want to do it for, etc.

    What do you think?


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