Big Betty!

Hey guys!

Meet Big Betty, my new protective style for the next few weeks. 🙂

She’s big, she’s soft, and she blends quite nicely with my hair texture! If I move, she go move *now playing- Teknomiles: Dance*


A wig or a weave?
A weave! (Sewn, not bonded)

What hair is this?
Steam processed virgin human hair extensions from Nazuri Curls. They offer 3 different curl types and a Kinky Straight weave as well, but I chose the Afro Kinky Curly extensions because I wanted something most similar to my own texture. I got 3 bundles- 12″, 14″ and 16″.

I still have a little hair left, so I’m pretty sure 2 bundles instead of 3 (at these lengths anyway) would be just fine for a full head. Still, #teamBigHair!

For this, I left my edges out (still in rehab), and a little more hair, so that I could rock a side part as well as a centre part, when I feel like it.


I’ve been advised that because of its kinky texture, this hair is high maintenance, that is- it requires water, finger detangling, conditioning and moisturising, all the works.


I may be young, but I’m readayyy


In four weeks or so, I’ll be able to talk about this hair in detail, do a thorough review of it so please stick around! 🙂

If you’re in Port Harcourt or Warri and you’d like to see a natural hair products concession at a shop near you, please let me know in the comments! Someone wants to bring this to you guys, and she’d like to know if you’d be interested. I’m sure you are, but saying so in the comments would greatly encourage her. It’ll only take a minute! Thank you!




32 thoughts on “Big Betty!

  1. So Giddy right now. Been contemplating getting afro kinky curly weave from NazuriCurls for a while now..Was having doubts but now i know what it actually looks sold. I think 2 packs will do. Thanks for all the info you put up on this blog. Go a really long way. *thumbsup*


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  4. Please how do you prep your hair for an afro kinky weave install with leave outs? Do you stretch with thread, twist out or leave the hair in it’s shrunken state?


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