Did you Know…

… that we have twitter?!

Of course you didn’t know! It’s new and I don’t know why I’m excited about it but I am, so yay!

Follow us @thekinkandixx 

Screenshot (3)

We also have… FACEBOOK!

Screenshot (2)


We are The Kink and I on facebook, so please like us (literally and facebook language-wise).

And finally, Instagram where AB keeps showing us all these lovely and colourful pictures of all things hair, food, life, and her beautiful face. Follow @thekinkandi on instagram.

We have a surprise for you soon, but I won’t say anything. Shhhhh…

Thank you so much, beauts, for always reading, always commenting, always sharing. You lot are amazing! A kiss for you and you and yes, you!

You know you can always email thekinkandi@gmail.com.

Bye for now!

Mee Mee



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