Hairspiration! : Dika


Heyy, tell us about you! 
My name is Dika Aligbe and I’m an 18-year old college student. I live in New Jersey for the most part but Lagos, Nigeria is my home 🙂

What inspired you to return to natural?
I like really full hair so I didn’t want my hair to get flat after a perm. So i decided to go natural when i started growing my hair out after secondary school.

Tell us about your mane. Does he/she/it have a name? How many years have you been growing?
LOL. I haven’t named her yet. I have been growing my hair for approximately 2 years.

How would you classify your hair if you had to? 
Thick, full, really kinky and soft


Are you a less-is-more person when it comes to your hair or do you go all out?
Less is definitely more for me

Do you follow a regimen? 
None at all. Just basic hair care

What are your staple products?
My Cantu Shampoo and Conditioner, Cantu Shea butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream and Natural Shea Butter

Shrinkage and you. Do you fight it or have you embraced it?
No way! I love my shrinkage! I only stretch my hair a bit right before i get it braided.

dika 5

Tell us two things your hair cannot do without
Water and my leave-in conditioner

Does your hair have any dislikes?
Oh I think so. I used a deep conditioner for the first time in 2 years and it changed my natural curl pattern. But I’m not yet sure.

How do you like to wear your hair?
I like to wear my hair up during the summer, and then have my protective hair styles for the rest of the year. Straightening is a no-no.

dika 2

Are you facing any hair challenges right now or bad habits you’re trying to break?
I am trying to break the habit of not detangling my hair. I end up with knots in my hair when its dry.

What is your hair to you?
My hair is my expression of self-love and acceptance.

Have you received any negativity from others towards your hair? How did/do you deal?
Yes, mainly from fellow Nigerians. I just let it slide because I didn’t know how else to explain that it’s my hair and my choice, not theirs.

Do you have any hair goals- short or long term?
My short-term hair goal is to restore my natural curl pattern
My long-term hair goal is to be at bra-length or beyond in the next three years 😀

dika 3

Before you go, could you share a tip or trick or a remedy you’ve tried & tested in your journey so far?
If you’re going to comb your hair, always go root to tip!

Any last words to anyone considering to go natural or a new natural?
Be patient with your hair, we all have different genes.

Do you have a blog, twitter, instagram or any other social media you’d like people to connect with you on?
My facebook: Peachez Aligbe

Thank you!


Thank you SO much Dika, for sharing with us today! ^_^

If you’d like to be our Hairspiration sometime, all you need to do is leave a comment, or email us:

By sharing your hair story, you’ll be inspiring and encouraging others on their journeys! 🙂





11 thoughts on “Hairspiration! : Dika

  1. Aww I remember when I was 18 and I wanted to go natural. It was freshman year of college and I tried to transition but I chickened out. I returned to the creamy crack ASAP. She is beautiful and her hair is thick & luscious ❤


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